1. AC Question's Avatar
    The picture quality on the main camera is very blurry/grainy, despite it being 13MP. The selfie camera is only 5MP but the quality is perfect and takes much clearer shots! Has this been a problem for anyone else who has owned one?
    06-12-2015 03:39 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Look closely at the lens glass of the rear camera. Does it look finely scratched? This is a known problem with the HTC One M8's camera, due to a special coating on the lens glass that gets scratched very easily. This coating (which I believe is oleophobic, to prevent fingerprints) can be buffed off easily. Put a small amount of regular toothpaste on a Q-tip and rub it onto the lens glass, as if you were waxing a car. Then buff it off with a microfiber cloth. You might have to do it a few times. This worked well on my wife's M8.
    06-13-2015 03:22 AM
  3. htccamera's Avatar
    Hey, thanks for the reply!
    Unfortunately that method doesn't seem to work, the lens isn't really scratched to begin with either but I gave it a go anyway, still no better
    I've attached two pictures to show the difference between the two cameras(the top picture is from the selfie camera, whilst the below one is from the main camera).
    Can I get some help with my HTC One Mini 2 camera problem?-5mp-selfie-camera.jpg
    Can I get some help with my HTC One Mini 2 camera problem?-13mp-main-camera.jpg
    06-13-2015 07:52 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Does it seem like the rear camera isn't auto focusing? Auto focus mechanisms can fail. Cute cat, BTW!

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    06-13-2015 07:57 PM
  5. htccamera's Avatar
    That sounds like the most likely cause, seeing as using the 'tap to focus' feature doesn't improve it either. Is it easily/quickly repaired? I'm guessing not..
    Oh and thanks haha, he even looks good on a blurry camera!
    06-13-2015 08:27 PM

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