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    I know that such comparison may seem a little odd but after 3 solid years using iPod Touch as smartphone replacement I'm finally buying something new and I end up narrowing my choice to those two.
    I would like to get some opinion/advice from actual users of One Mini as my sister has Nexus 4 and I played with it a little bit.

    Basically it seems like Nexus 4 is just better but I'm still hestitating.

    Pro Nexus 4:
    - it's cheaper (I can get Nexus 4 unlocked in Poland for ~380 USD and One Mini for 470USD)
    - way more powerful
    - twice as much ram - I guess it's possibly a deal breaker - Is 1GB real problem in everyday use (e.g. multitasking Maps, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter and Instapaper)?
    - stock android and updates! (I guess last update for HTC One Mini will be Android 4.4)

    Pro One Mini:
    - it's smaller! 4,7 is nice but I still find it a little bit too much for me.
    - it's just beautiful
    - aluminium better than glass
    - Probably better battery life because Nexus 4 is apparently awful. Am I right?
    - Probably better audio. I'm particularly interested in headphones jack audio quality as my iPod Touch was really good.
    - LTE (though I guess I won't be using that much)

    + Is there something there I've omitted what would justify buying less powerful, ram lacking smartphone for almost $100 more?
    10-21-2013 04:16 PM

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