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    hey guys,
    I live in Sri Lanka and I own a HTC One mini I bought from a store (not a carrier provided device). I ran in to bit of a software issue and need to fix it. below are the details,
    - couple of months back I wanted to root the htc one mini and I unlocked the bootloader and flashed a custome recovery; teamwin recovery. but I did not complete the rooting. the device was completely working, no faults but with no root only an unlocked bootloader.
    - about a week ago I received an update from htc (OTA Update) of about 78 mb which said security updates etc.. when I selected install update, the phone restarted to the teamwin recovery menu, and was not updating.
    - since I wanted to update so bad I tried removing teamwin, I could not do so, therefore I tried a factory reset, which did not work too (nothing happened when I clicked 'reset').
    - afterwards I tried to factory reset from bootloader screen, which again failed.
    - when I restarted the phone it was stuck on the HTC logo, and when I connect the phone to the charger the bootloader screen appears.
    - as I understand I have to flash the stock rom again.

    if so can you guys please help me on how to do it. a step by step guide would be much appreciated; what are the required drivers, software and detailed procedures etc., as I'm not an advanced tech guy.

    thank you in advance.

    I have searched several forums and most of them say that I need a RUU etc.. links to the requirements are much appreciated.
    09-14-2015 11:34 PM

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