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    -Limited Edition based off 1.29.401.16R
    -Rooted with SuperSU
    -Firmware 1.29.401.16R
    -Kernel 3.4.10
    -Zero Compression apps
    -Long press back for Menu in gestures options
    -Bloat Free
    -Advanced Power Menu
    -Toggle Quick Settings
    -Nocturnal Wallpapers v.2
    -Sony Walkman
    -Sony Album
    -Sony Movie
    -Sony Xloud
    -Sony Bravia2
    -Sound Enhancements
    -init.d Support


    -Everyone at Team Nocturnal
    -All the HTC One Community
    05-25-2013 10:42 AM
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    Q) Does my phone need to be unlocked?
    A) Yes, with a custom recovery

    Q) Do I need to be rooted?
    A) No, the rom will come rooted

    Q) What is the M7_UL (GSM)?
    A) This is the AT&T, T-Mobile and all international models that have GSM/UMTS/LTE Radios

    Q) What is the M7_WLS (CDMA/Sprint)?
    A) This is the Sprint Model that has CDMA/GSM/UMTS/LTE Radios

    Q) Can i flash Any rom i want no matter if its M7_UL or M7_WLS?
    A) NO! Only use the rom made for your device to prevent a hard brick

    Q) Why does my phone feel laggy?
    A) This can be normal, just reboot and all should be fine.

    Q) What does this do to my phone?
    A) It will make it cook bacon amongst other incredible features.

    Q) How is XsMagical so cool?
    A) No one really knows, legends have it he was born on the other side of the pillow.

    Q) Does ChongoDroid bite the pillow?
    A) Word on the street is yes...

    v.1.0.4 May 26th 2013
    -Added Battery Bar mod to settings
    -Added Custom Data Icons for LTE, HSPA+, 3G, Edge (GSM) (CDMA needs testing)
    -Updated Kernel for Sprint
    -Updated Camera Lib's for sprint
    -Control brightness by sliding on statusbar
    -Updated the Boot.img for both M7_UL & M7_WLS

    v.1.0.3 May 25th 2013
    -Optimized the Framework to reduce memory usage and help in performance (GSM & CDMA)
    -Fixed black cam issue (CDMA)
    -Reduced wifi interval scan from 15 seconds to 115 seconds (GSM & CDMA)
    -Removed more unnecessary apps to reduce rom size (it will get smaller!!)

    v.1.0.2 May 21st 2013
    -Disabled Write Protection (Sprint & GSM)
    -Updated SuperSU to v.1.30 (Sprint & GSM)
    -Updated a few apps from the latest 1.29 base (Sprint Only)
    -Updated build.prop (Sprint Only)
    -Updated to the latest kernel from 1.29 (Sprint Only)
    -Added Long press Back button for menu in gesture options (Sprint & GSM)
    -Updated presets (Sprint & GSM)

    v.1.0.1 May 21st 2013
    -Updated to latest 1.29 base
    -Re-Optimized all apps
    -Added Google Hangouts to data/app
    -Set all apps to 0 compression to save on ram
    -Updated Kernel
    -Updated Some Libs
    -Updated some scripts

    v.0.1.2 May 17th 2013
    -Removed some unneeded apps
    -Removed HTC Sync bs
    -Removed Google talk and replace with new Google Hangouts
    -Updated a bunch of misc code in the rom

    v.0.1.1 May 12th 2013
    -Added Nocturnal Wallpapers v2
    -Added Sony Sound Enhancements
    -Added Sony Walkman
    -Added Sony Album
    -Added Sony Movie
    -Added Sony Music Facebook Share
    -Updated a few core files

    v.0.1.0 May 11th 2013
    -First Build
    -Based off 1.29.401.13
    -Zero compressed all Apks
    -Updated Playstore to latest version
    -Removed bloatware

    05-25-2013 10:43 AM
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    Coming Soon!
    -TN Xplod Mod
    -Bravia Engine 2
    -Sony Walkman + Xloud

    GSM Users Only!

    Download Limited Edition GSM

    Sprint Users Only!

    Download Limited Edition Sprint

    Donate to team Nocturnal
    Note: All donations go to the team to help us support newer devices.

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    05-25-2013 10:44 AM
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    Been waiting for some greatness to come this way for awhile!

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    05-26-2013 06:50 PM

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