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    Hello! A few months ago I rooted my HTC One in hopes of installing the Google Play Edition ROM on my phone. I found out that the CSpire HTC One has to use Sprint variants of ROMS and recoveries. After rooting I found out that the GE ROM does not work with sprint. Now I am wanting to relock my bootloader and unroot my device. I can not seem to find the CSpire HTC One RUU files. Does anyone know where I may find them? Do I need to use the Sprint files? I'm not sure that they would work with a CSpire device. Now I just want my phone to be stock so that I can use OTA android updates without worry. I'm currently on android 4.2.2 using TWRP and SuperSU.

    Sadly there is not much support for C Spire. It's a very small carrier and doesn't receive a lot of attention.
    11-19-2013 06:04 PM

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