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    One of the first things I noticed when I flashed a few first stock builds of the new Android 4.4.2 update is HTC changed the emoji's to the stock Android/HTC looking ones. I prefer the new Hangout's skinned version we had with 4.3. Here is how to fix it!

    First you must be rooted with Android 4.4.2 stock or one of the new early stockish build ROMs.

    Using Root Explorer, ES File Explorer or equivalent and make sure you have read/write enabled for /system/ level files.

    Navigate to /system/fonts/

    Find AndroidEmoji-htc.ttf

    Rename it and add ".bak" to the end of it.

    Reboot your phone and enjoy!
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    02-03-2014 12:47 AM
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    Hey Paul you get everything worked out with BadBoyz ?
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    02-07-2014 11:34 AM

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