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    so i'm even newer than a noob. So if you decide to help me, please forgive how dumb i may sound lol
    I bought the phone a week ago..factory unlocked (says it on the box). I want to say that its international because all the info on the back of the box was in spanish :-) Either way phone works great but when i went to do a factory reset..it went to a white (recovery screen?) that says
    Security Warning
    May 17 2013, 18:20:58:-1

    So that means its rooted right? and relocked?? whats up with that? and when i looked in the apps i saw superuser

    So I have some questions guys.
    1 First what other info should i tell u about the phone for help?
    2 Do i now need to download something to maintain or update the phone? Its on 4.2.2 and the phone says its up to date..but i thought the phone was supposed to be at 4.3
    Now i get a message that says "the superuser binary (su) must be updated. and i should choose the recovery method...i hit the recovery button which took me to the recovery screen i guess...but no clue what to do next. how to update it.
    Could someone please walk me through making my phone my friend? lol AKA updating this binary thing..once again i repeat...i havent got the slightest clue what im doing. So i figured before i brick this phone..which works right now...let me ask the experts.

    Thanks for your help

    here is some other info u might need

    Android version 4.2.2; HTC Sense version 5.0; Software number 2.17.401.1; HTC SDK API 5.34
    Kernel version
    root@abm014 #1
    Baseband version 4A.17.3250.20_10.40.1150.04D
    Build number 2.17.401.1 CL200405 release-keys
    Browser version Webkit/534.30
    02-05-2014 04:14 PM
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    The white screen you are getting your info from is called the Bootloader. I'm guessing you already have a custom ROM because it appears your OTA updates are blocked, but you can verify this by going to Settings > About Phone > Software Information and look at the Software Number. Custom ROMs will have the ROM name down there.

    Anyway... The SuperUser thing: first thing you want to do is download SuperSU from the Play Store to replace SuperUser. It's much more stable and has caused zero headaches for me. If you still get the binaries need to be updated message, you'll want download the SuperSU apk from Chainfire on XDA and flash it in Recovery. To get in Recovery, power your phone off, then hold down the volume down button and power button until you see the boot screen say "Entering Recovery". You should find yourself in TWRP CWM. If you do, go to your downloads folder and flash the SuperSU file. If you don't, just reboot your phone because you need to start from scratch. In that case, reference the following toolkit that will help you with everything you need: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2364445

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    02-09-2014 12:46 AM

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