1. negritocr's Avatar
    I have a the international 32gb version and I just noticed that my phone has not received any updates to 4.3 or 4.4.2.

    I tried to the Software Update and I get "Your phone is up to date"

    Dont know if this info helps but going to put in just in case
    Kernel version: 3.4.10 -gd6f147e root@abm014#1 SMP Preempt
    Build number: 2.17.401.1 CL200405 release-keys

    I assume something I did when I rooted my phone that is not updating.

    How can I fix this?

    Thanks in advance.
    03-15-2014 10:07 AM
  2. NEXUS_HTC_PS's Avatar
    I think custom recovery breaks ota updates

    Posted via My Smartphone of the Year HTC One GPe
    03-15-2014 11:52 AM

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