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    Hello everyone. So I have a little problem over here, not even sure if it's a little one. So like 2 months back I decided to dissasemble my htc in order to change the camera as the previous one had purple tint and change my housing from white to red. I have done everything right now, I've been waiting for all those parts for these two months, replaced my camera, housing, UI board as I destroyed the camera socket of the old one and everything works pretty much, still got an issue with buzzing speaker even though it's a new one, but I'll find a way out. What bothering me now is that I cannot get my HTC recognized by PC. I'm not sure how I fixed my USB problems earlier, I had a lot of them until I found some drivers or something. So now I experience this problem that when I connect my HTC to the front socket it clearly doesn't make any signs of being recognized, but it still charges. When I connect it to one of the back sockets, PC makes a 'ding' sound that a USB device is connected. Although I cannot see any devices on my PC. I tried fastboot, PC can't find the device either, tired ADB in recovery, but it's loading forever, not sure if it should be that way. So after this long journey, USB is the only problem I'm facing. Could it be drivers or something else? As the phone charges whenever I connect it to a power source, it charges. One thing I noticed that no matter where I connect it, USB or wall socket it always says 'IF HTC Sync Manager installer doesn't automatically start, run it from CD-ROM drive on your PC' along with slow charge warning. Please help me.
    05-18-2014 11:07 AM
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    I had the same problem with mine. Could be drivers I would try downloading HTC sync manager first and if it doesn't pick up your phone try finding phone specific drivers on a 3rd party website. If you have Samsung kies or any other phone specific drivers other than HTC make sure those are completely removed. Also try picking up a different cable . Phones can be very touchy depending on which cable you use.

    Hope this helps.


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    05-26-2014 11:29 AM