1. mrdj204's Avatar
    So, a brief summary of events.
    I have a HTC One M7 Sprint phone.
    I flashed cyanogenmod onto it before activating.
    I realized my error and went to flash a stock rom back onto it so I could activate it.
    Couldn't restore backup because it accidentally got deleted some how.
    Went to format/wipe, but it can't mount /cache/.
    Can't send files over usb anymore, have to adb push roms to phone.
    Suddenly I can't access /system/.
    adb push report sdcard is full.
    Can't use TWRPv2.7 to browse sdcard anymore to delete files.

    Any ideas on anything I could do to save this device?
    05-18-2014 01:29 PM
  2. TarekElsakka's Avatar
    Your best bet would be to find a suitable RUU and flash it.

    You can find one here: Collection of HTC One (M7) RUU File Downloads. Reset device to Stock
    05-29-2014 07:21 PM

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