1. natathaphol's Avatar
    How do I know what RUU I use?
    I am using htc one m7 4.4.2
    SOftware number 4.20.707.7
    HTC SDK API level 5.69
    05-27-2014 04:17 AM
  2. Paul627g's Avatar
    You need to find the RUU that matches your exact HTC one.

    Example; locate AT&T RUU for an AT&T model, Sprint RUU for a Sprint variant, etc.

    Reason being is you flash the wrong one and it could hard brick the device due to the radio (improper radio " modem " firmware is a common culprit for bricks )
    05-27-2014 07:26 AM
  3. TarekElsakka's Avatar
    Collection of HTC One (M7) RUU File Downloads. Reset device to Stock

    I believe you must find a RUU with the code .707 which is your device's region. Mine, for instance, is .401 which is WWE (World Wide English).

    I believe this is the one you need: RUU M7 UL JB 50 HTC Asia WWE 1.29.707.3 R Radio 4A.14.3250.13 10.33.1150.01 Release 311678 Signed - HTC1Guru

    Check the instructions on the website, though, if you're not familiar with RUUs and how to use flash them.
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    05-29-2014 07:19 PM

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