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    I recently successfully rooted, un-locked and S-OFF'd my wife's HTC One m7.

    I installed SinLessROM GPE, but she did not like the stock android feel. At this point, the auto-rotation for all the apps still worked.

    I thereafter tried to install two different ROMs with full wipes of course. First, I tried Viper Venom 6.2.1 and then MaximusHD 42.0.0. In both of those cases, the auto-rotation stopped working completely for all apps. For example, when I run the camera app, it would start off in landscape mode and stay that way. Auto-rotate is ticked off, and I performed the G-Sensor calibration (the two green balls would move around and center, but then it says "Calibration Stopped"). I even tried to rename the sensors.m7.so file to sensors.default.so in /system/lib/hw/ and rebooted.

    Has anyone seen this issue? Any tips?

    07-29-2014 06:16 PM

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