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    So yesterday with the heat wave in my city, my phone got really hot to the point of burning my hands almost....
    So as soon as I got home i stuck it in the freezer, and left it for about 2 hours.

    When I took phone out it was powered off, and when i turned it on it was at this bootloading screen i have never seen before.
    I have tried all the options like factory reset, but it just boots me back to main boot menu.

    The front menu is quoted: Locked

    I was searching the web for options as well as chatting with reps from HTC::
    1. I could try "How to Unlock the HTC One Bootloader [All Models] " from youtube but from speaking with the rep I was told it would void my warranty which is a huge risk and I dont exactly know what i am doing.
    2. I could take it to one local guy who quoted me $20 to flash a rom??? and see if that will fix it
    3. I could just wait it out and ship it back to HTC but I will be without a phone for a good solid week......and being without a phone is just horrible in this day and age.
    09-19-2014 04:56 PM

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