1. Sharnhorst's Avatar
    I have a m7 that has lost the OS , I can get into the recovery (teamwin) can this be repaired?
    05-15-2015 07:25 PM
  2. benny3's Avatar
    Yes it can. Do you have a nand backup ? Meaning did you make a backup in recovery before you did anything. are you going with a custom rom or a stock rom? either way the method is the same. download the rom you are going to use, Copy it to your adb/fastboot folder. what i do is rename the zip to something easy to remember and type, like "rom.zip" enter recovery on the phone and find sideload from the recovery menu.once you swipe to enter sideload open a cmd prompt from the adb folder that contains the rom.zip. i always enter this cmd first to make sure adb see's the phone

    "adb devices" you should a return like the one in the pic i attached. then enter this cmd "adb sideload rom.zip" you should see it loading by a % percentage and when it hits 100% it will flash the zip automatically and when done reboot the phone.
    Oh and if adb doesnt show you device attached. Alt,Ctrl, delete and in task manager go to processes and shut down adb and start a new cmd promt

    C:\Users\Bill\Desktop\adb>adb devices
    * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
    * daemon started successfully *
    List of devices attached
    HT53MSV13538 device

    C:\Users\Bill\Desktop\adb>adb sideload rom.zip
    Attached Thumbnails Can this be fixed ?-screenshot-2015-05-16-00.55.32.png  
    05-15-2015 11:56 PM
  3. Sharnhorst's Avatar
    First thank you for your reply. I believe I did I had followed the root instructions on htconeroot. And made the adb backup, I don't know how good the back up is though because I was missing a lot of apps after I rooted the phone and reinstalled the apps. The phone worked but I couldn't get superSU work and was loosing mobile data at random . So I found myself pressing buttons i shouldn't have and now I've lost the Os.

    I will try your suggestion when I get home off vacation. Thanks again.
    05-16-2015 12:42 AM
  4. benny3's Avatar
    What carrier are you on, and did you install a custom recovery like TWRP ? If so you will need to install supersu through TWRP and its a good thing to install busybox afterwards from the play store. Its best to install a custom rom or if you want to stay stock then flash a stock rooted.
    05-16-2015 01:51 AM
  5. Sharnhorst's Avatar
    Im with Att , so before I did anything to the phone I made a back up on my computer ( I believe it was adb) in command prompt. I then unlocked it and then reinstalled the back up as per the HTCOneRoot tutorial and I remember there being a TWRP file in the process. Like I said I was loosing mobile data for hours and then it would come back for hours. Thing when real bad when I deleted the cache in the install part of the teamwin . After that point I was getting the looping boot screen, at that point I could only get I to turn off in teamwin.

    This is when I figured I had screwed it up and had nothing left to loose and pressed the restore opinions and ended up deleting the OS. And as of now it just hangs on the htc boot screen.
    Forgive my ignorance I'm not familiar with what screen is called what. I can get into the fastboot/recovery area with the power and volume down button, and can get into the teamwin options still. Hope this info helps.
    05-16-2015 08:47 AM
  6. benny3's Avatar
    You can also use the RUU which take the phone back to factory stock as if it were brand new. It is .exe file which is run from a windows PC. In your case thats what i would do and if you wanted to root again you can do so. Let me know if you want to go that route and i will give you the instructions and a hand if you need it.
    05-17-2015 12:33 PM
  7. Sharnhorst's Avatar
    That sounds great, stock would be fine at this point. I really appreciate all your help.
    05-17-2015 09:50 PM
  8. Sharnhorst's Avatar
    I finally got a custom rom to load but the phone was in a looping boot , so I re locked the phone And ran the RUU program , it will run for a minute or to and then it will error [155}: unknown error
    Please get the correct ROM Update Utility and try again. I have tried all the U.S. Att (Cingular) programs I could find and always get the same result.
    05-19-2015 01:12 AM
  9. benny3's Avatar
    Use the one from HTC site found here
    And you did relock the bootlader.hmmm
    rom-downloads - Support | HTC United States

    05-19-2015 12:43 PM
  10. Sharnhorst's Avatar
    Ok I had no luck at all with the RUU, so I unlocked it ones again Sinless was still installed but I was getting the looping boot still. I fastboot booted the latest superSU and rebooted and now no more looping boot, all is working fine now.

    I do have one question , it wants to update to Android 5.0.1 Is it ok to update ? I'm afraid to with out asking first it's taken me like 8 days just to get a stable phone back.
    05-19-2015 03:09 PM
  11. benny3's Avatar
    The OTA wont stick with a custom recovery. You the stock recovery.
    Were getting the same error with that RUU?
    05-20-2015 09:21 AM

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