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    I got big problems with my HTC ONE M7.

    In September I flashed Cyanogenmod 12.1 on the device.
    The ROM coused some problems with one of aplications important to me so I decided to go back to stock.

    Then problems arised.

    I could not go back to stock. Tried several methods. Any of them worked.

    Today I tried HTC Guru's way: Guru Reset one from htc1guru.com

    I flashed TWRP recovery instead of Cyanogeon one.
    It installed properly. Wiped cache, dalvik, system

    Then I run GuruReset file from my SD card. Stock ROM installed properly, without errors. Phone booted in stock, made first customisation steps, locked bootloader and waited for OTA.

    Then some problem with WIFI occured so I put a SIM card inside phone and downloaded OTA. Phone was in stock, with SIM working properly. In downloaded and started to install. After install phone reboot and... started to loop.

    Worse, phone cannot go into recovery. It boots into bootloader but cannot go into recovery. After install there were no USB debugging ON.

    So situation is:

    - phone is without USB debug (no fastboot usb, only fastboot)
    - cannot enter recovery: when i try there is red exlamation mark in some geometrical figure after 2-3 minutes phone reboots itself and loops.
    - there is loop when system loads: white HTC logo, several seconds, reboot.

    I run of options, my limited knowledge of Android left me helpless here.

    Is there a way to run recovery?

    Phone is HTC ONE M7, LTE edition
    As I read before it was (under CM 12.1) PN710000, CID 032

    Tampered, relocked
    HBOOT - 1.61.0000
    OS- (7.19.401.2) <--- this is in red color
    eMMc- boot 2048 MB
    Feb 12.2015

    The goal was to return to stock not to brick...

    Help me please step by step how to make phone work.
    10-28-2015 12:36 PM

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