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    I have an HTC M7. Have used it with custom rom with root (NuSenSeveN (xda link)) for about 1.5 years now, with no big problems (only small bugs that are solved with a reboot) until today.

    I was outside when the battery went flat. When I came inside I pluged it in to the charger, and let it charge for some minutes before i turned it on. The screen brightness was now ca 86 % of max (I use lux lite), but I could not change it.
    This is a problem because the device gets very hot, and the battery drops very, very quickly.

    What have I done to fix try to fix it
    When i set lux to negative values, it responed also night mode works(but that is only because negative values and night mode are a screen overlay).

    I then tried to turn lux off, and edit the brightness with the system control (Settings - Display - brightness). No success, so the googeling began.
    Following steps were executed:
    1. Installed multiple brightness application from google play. No success.
    2. Installed AdjBrightness from xda. No success.
    3. After tips from stackoverflow, I tried running adb shell settings put system screen_brightness [value] . No success.

    Since nothing worked, I wiped the cache, the dalvik cache, and factory rested the ROM before i did the steps again. Still, NO SUCCESS.... :/
    It seems like the brightness values are updated in the system, but without any response on the actual screen...

    Starting to wonder if it is something wrong with the communication between the screen and the system..
    Any tips will be appreciated. Thank you.

    PS: It also seems like charging takes forever now.. (Maybe it did before too, but no as the battery drops within minutes it feels like I always have to charge....)
    08-13-2016 01:37 PM
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    Moved to the M7 Rooting forum.
    08-14-2016 02:03 AM

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