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    I know some of these issues are listed in other threads. I just wanted to post the numerous issues I still have with my One S, even after the update. As others have expressed, this phone had the potential to be an amazing phone, but so far only disappoints.

    In no specific order, here are the issues:

    1) I have zero reception where I live, so I need to be connected through the wi-fi home network. Calls almost always drop when the phone goes from cellular to wifi or wifi to celluar. This is a huge inconvenience to me.

    2) While at home and on wifi, many times when I receive calls, the phone never rings and the calls go straight to voice mail.

    3) I just received a voice mail this morning, and then suddenly my visual voice mail informed me of 4 other voice mails I have received since 7/2. This is almost a weeks worth of voice mails that the phone never notified me of. I also restarted the phone since 7/2, and still I was never notified of these voice mail messages. Some of them were important.

    4) While on wifi, often times airplane mode is listed as "turning off". I am not sure if this matters. However, many times I also see wifi calling "enabling" rather than "ready for calls". This happens on and off a lot. This is possibly when calls go straight to voice mail and when I am unable to make outgoing calls.

    5) Sometimes the gmail synching is fast and I receive emails on my phone right away. Other times I do not receive emails on my phone for hours after I get them.

    6) I have had some issues with texting sometimes where I was unable to send texts. I even tried to leave the wifi area and also tried restarting my phone that night and it did not help. This happened only once but during an inconvenient time.

    7) I recorded a concert with my One S and while there were some things I liked about it, I had an unexpected issue (I should have tested this before the concert). I recorded a lot of the concert in the vertical position but sometimes I wanted to move it to horizontal during certain moments to capture more of the stage or more band members in one shot (nice for pics too). When I moved the files to my laptop, it did not adjust like it did on the phone. Instead of adjusting automatically on the file (like it did on the phone) it shows the video at a 90 degree angle where the bottom of the stage is actually on the right side of the screen. Hopefully what I am saying makes sense. Is there a way to switch between vertical and horizontal and have it turn out nice on the file? It is too bad that during many of the songs, I have moments where the screen now switches like that.

    8) A minor issue but it bothers me; the weather app that comes with the phone AccuWeather, often it does not list the city I am currently in and just says "current location". Is there something that can be done to where it always says the current city I am in?

    9) Facebook often has issues when I want to "check in" somewhere. I almost always have to restart my phone and then check ins work just fine.

    10) All of the accessories I purchased from the T-Mobile store are junk. The earpiece off of my bluetooth broke off very easily, the car mount thing was replaced once within a week and second one doesn't work either (it won't stay in place and always faces towards the floor so I cannot see the phone for gps), the case broke near where I plug the power into the phone. The external battery won't even really stay connected to the phone and is uncomfortable to hold along with the phone.

    11) There really should be an SD slot on this phone.

    12) I wish the optical zoom was better than 1 x.

    While there are some neat things about the One S, I wish I would have stayed with my old Blackberry.

    Insight into any of my 12 main concerns will be greatly appreciated.
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    07-07-2012 03:19 PM
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    Hi, I'm feeling you with the WiFi problems. I am very disappointed in the feature. Reception is alternately spotty, garbled, pops nastily or just drops out for 5 seconds at a time. I can stand a foot away from the router without hearing any improvement in the reception. The latest OTA update hasn't made a dime of difference. Oh, and I also have the straight-to-voicemail problem.

    As I live in the country right now, too far from T-Mobile towers, I desperately need this feature to function — it's a primary reason I got the One S.

    T-Mobile's answer so far is just to stand nearer the router —useless, as mentioned.

    So no answers here, just empathy!
    07-08-2012 02:16 AM
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    you sound like a big baby.

    WiFi calling is not UMA where it hands off between WiFi and cellular and i think it tells you that calls WILL drop when switching between the two.

    if you don't get any reception at home with the One S you probably never have with T-Mobile service to begin with??

    The voicemail situation is a bit odd as I know whenever i reboot my One S it informs me of voicemails. Maybe try deleting and resetting up your visual voicemail? also call the voicemail system and make sure all your settings are current.

    are you using the gmail app or the mail app? re adjust your sync settings and see what happens. if you are using the mail app maybe you have smart sync turned on and maybe thats why it's only checking at certain times more than others?

    you need an SD card about as much as you need a disc drive on your laptop. all photos and videos are synced with dropbox automatically, there is no need to put music on your device as Google Music has more than enough space and is very quick with streaming (unless you go underground on a train a lot which still isn't an issue because Google music cashe's the playlist when you start the first song)
    you have 16gb internally too, what are you adding that takes all that up? maybe you should get a regular PDA or tablet if you need to have THAT many files on it. just a thought.

    Because your texting didn't work one time isn't valid reason to complain.

    is 'checking in' on Facebook so important that you restart your phone because the APP has an issue? wow.

    there are 7 thousand weather applications in the app store and another built into the phone. if accuweather doesn't work properly... GET A NEW APP

    you can alter video viewing on almost any basic computer program as far as horizontal and verticle ... but remember this is a cell phone, not a camcorder or point and shoot camera. if love recording footage at concerts, which is usually not allowed anyway, i'de suggest investing in a device that is meant to do it properly instead of relying on a communication device that has it for more for a novelty

    with all this being said i know it sounds extremely negative but i think you need a little reality check because you are wining. these are merely 'First World Pains'
    07-08-2012 09:23 AM
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    Op, this all sounds a little dramatic, I can feel your pain on a few issues for sure, especially related to wifi. However poor t-mo reception in your home is hardly the fault of the phone, nor would be the lackluster accessories purchased from the store. I would return the items you bought to the store for sure as those do sound inferior, but again not a one s issue.

    I have not had the gmail issues you seem to be so I can not speak to that.

    The recording vertical issue, well go talk to Myriam Joire from engadget about that but prepare your ears from some language. (pet peeve of hers people recording vertical)

    No sd card, well friend you knew that buying it, no surprise there. I would love to have one as well, but I also knew this going in.

    1x zoom, again not a surprise, and I love the camera on this phone, its very good.

    Truthfully it looks kind of like your searching for bad things to say, can you still return/exchange the phone? If so, do it. If not perhaps sell it on ebay for a small loss and buy something else. If that is not an option perhaps you could root the phone and try some custom stuff and see if those awesome devs out there could make you love your phone again.

    07-08-2012 10:28 AM
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    Of the 12 issues I listed, many of them are minor issues, but still inconveniences. When it came to recording concert footage (most concerts venues here in Minnesota do allow us to record most concerts as long as not professional cameras), I stated right away I should have tested it out first but did not. I figured if I list everything I can think of, I will quickly learn which issues are specific to me, and which issues other people share in common with me. I am upset because I "upgraded" to a $500 phone and my old Blackberry did most things significantly better than the One S. I did not need to go through wifi at home to use my Blackberry (but I went through wifi anyway). I usually had 2 bars with my Blackberry here but zero bars all of the time with my One S. Blackberry can also go from cellular to wifi and wifi to cellular without dropping calls. Yes, the One S warns that the call may be dropped when almost out of range, but when phones are $500 each, shouldn't there be enough technology to not have these calls dropped? Not having the phone ring when in wifi and then only knowing of calls if they leave a voice mail is a serious issue. Furthermore, sometimes voice mails do not show for several days, even after restarting my phone? I have missed out on dates and out of state (over the phone) job interviews so yes I am upset! I do not care how many extra cool things a phone has, if the main feature that a phone should have (phone calls) is having major issues, then something needs to be done to resolve the issue.

    Wow, the feedback here is harsh. You guys must work for T-Mobile or HTC?
    07-08-2012 11:41 AM
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    I'm with the OP... this phone is such a major disappointment. The device is so unstable... all issues I never experienced with my LG G2x. The phone simply put is unreliable... no wining just reality.
    07-08-2012 03:51 PM
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    I came from a Palm Pre+ and the wife had an LG Ally.

    I fought and fought moving to Android, prying palm would come back to life...... no luck.

    So I made the jump, got 2 One S's. One for the wife one for me.

    While I never had good service with Big Red at home and was VERY concerned with service from T-Moblie, the Wi-Fi Calling and the One S made me make the jump.

    While I like the look, feel and speed of the One S, My Palm Pre + worked out of the box. Every app ran, the phone software was solid. The One S is very Buggy, keeps doing weird , I have to re boot them then they run right for a few days then reboot again.

    The Voice mail and not ringing are HUGE issues.

    I will sit next to the router all day working........ no calls...... No visual Email....

    Reboot or manually check email..... dozens of missed calls and voicemails.

    This phone looks good, feels good......... But my Palm Pre + runs circles around it.
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    07-08-2012 09:24 PM
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    i've had like 15 blackberrys and i upgraded from the 9900 to the One S...

    as i was a bit harsh i also tried to give you suggestions to help as well.

    but FYI, pretty much every cell phone these days cost between 4 and six hundred dollars so to complain about what a $500 phone doesn't do does not really hold any water
    07-09-2012 02:16 AM
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    I stopped by a T-Mobile store today and explained my main issues. The person informed me that the wifi issues are across the board for all Androids and not just the One S. He added that the Blackberry is far ahead of the Android in terms of wifi technology and that is why the Blackberry did not have issues for me and wifi. The one solution he had was he helped me to order a signal booster for my home. I guess this equipment is about $600 but will be shipped to me for no charge except for shipping and handling fee of $7.50 which includes tax. If I still have issues with receiving calls and receiving voice mails after the booster I will either switch back to a Blackberry or pay the early termination fee of up to $200 and switch to a different carrier if wifi works with Android and a different carrier, or perhaps I will switch to the I-Phone and another carrier if there are no wifi issues.

    I also had some issues with the accessories resolved but they have a 30 day policy so I learned that no matter how busy my life is, I need to address issues that might require exchanges or refunds ASAP to have a decent chance at having issues resolved.
    07-09-2012 03:47 PM
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    your salesperson at the tmobile store is correct... Android can't handle swtiching calls from wifi to tower. I saw this on my Defy, the first phone with wifi calling and that was a motorola phone.

    as for the originals posters complaints... 90% are the apps he is using, not the phones fault. Facebook app sucks on ALL android phones PERIOD!

    ALL video on android phones needs to be held in one position PRIOR to hitting the record button... that is Android not HTC or Motorola or Samsung's doings. At least HTC allows you to rotate the camera first before recording... unlike my Cliq XT or my Defy.

    THE MAIN problem I have is not receiving SOME phone calls, be it on Wifi calling or tower calling. I would say one out of 20 calls I will not actually get the call. I thought it was an HTC One S thing... but it is happening on my wife's HTC MyTouch 4g Slide as well... and it happened on my Cliq XT and my Defy.
    07-14-2012 01:39 AM
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    Ive had all the WI FI issues you have too. Did a factory reset and fixed all but the airplane mode issue. Tmobile sent a new phone and all it good BUT the power button isnt working right. 3rd phone on the way. Good Luck
    10-15-2012 11:01 PM
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    Has anyone answered the wifi connection problem. My HTC says it connected but I'm getting no connectivity function. I've tried everything including taking it to the shop where I bought it. They were able to connect and access the coffee shop next door. However, it still doesn't want to connect to my home network.
    11-03-2012 07:35 PM
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    Has anyone answered the wifi connection problem. My HTC says it connected but I'm getting no connectivity function. I've tried everything including taking it to the shop where I bought it. They were able to connect and access the coffee shop next door. However, it still doesn't want to connect to my home network.
    I have had no issues with my Wifi at home with my One S. Its fast too. 30mbps down. sounds like its your network issue. not the phone. Id get a tech support guy to help you
    11-05-2012 01:30 PM
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    Help me my wifi stay connected
    06-30-2013 01:44 PM