1. papachan's Avatar
    The HTC One S is NOT listed as being a supported device on Adobe's website.
    The Play Store has Flash Player 11 as a needed update.
    Has anybody tried the update yet?
    07-14-2012 12:48 PM
  2. Ryandroid86's Avatar
    I noticed that my flash player doesnt work. even though its installed. luckily I barely use flash content
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    07-19-2012 07:08 PM
  3. wezra's Avatar
    I am running Flash and have no issues with any flash sites on my One S. It did update a couple of weeks ago if I remember right... again, no issues.
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    07-20-2012 08:56 AM
  4. autopilot too's Avatar
    How did you go about updating flash to 11?
    11-30-2012 02:19 PM