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    i rooted my phone never installed any apps or roms i just followed a step by step process from HTCdev - Unlock Bootloader
    when i went to remove the bloatware that came with my phone...nothings changed with the uninstall steps (meaning that prior to doing the rooting all i could do with the apps,etc is disable them)
    so now i have a rooted phone but stuck with the same problem unable to get rid of bloatware i dont want on my phone.
    i later tried a few apps and long story short basicly said my phone isnt rooted according to the apps BUT in face it is rooted when i goto the phones bootloader page says UNLOCKED at top.
    (press volume down and then boot up phone says unlocked )
    so my qustion is what am i not doing...what do i need and i pray its free please help
    also thinking about maybe trying jellybean..if i installed jellybean would this wipe out the current problems?

    my phone is HTC ONE S its through bell (bell aliant)
    i have windows 7 ultimate x64 (not sure if that mattered but added anyway incase it did)
    pls contact me removed by moderator
    11-20-2012 08:03 PM
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    First thing is first.. I know rooting sounds nice and fun (which it is) unless you dont know what you are doing. It unlocks your phone not only to you (the user) but also others (third party apps) that can be malicious.

    But what is done is done.
    Rooting your phone means you are now able to change the OS and the initial ROM. in your case you are running stock Sense ROM at the moment. I would HIGHLY recommend you downloading and buying Titanium backup. You can back up apps/ data/ and even system information. You have to buy the unlock key so you can restore all your information.
    Titanium Backup (TB) also allows you to delete whatever you want... including bloatware and System apps... (be very careful and dont delete something unless you can make a backup)

    Also since you have not downloaded anything yet you can unroot the phone... Id recommend looking on XDA-Developers.com for more information. (I rooted my HTC one S and decided to unroot)
    The rooting community does not like to put all that time into ROMS and apps to not get paid... So its going to be hard to find a quailty app without buying it.

    If you continue to keep it rooted... Download a recovery from a developer Tool kit from XDA (that is free) and MAKE A BACKUP FIRST!!!!!!!!!!
    If you feel comfortable you can start downloading different ROMs and be sure to READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS.... (downloading different ROMs will automatically get rid of most of the bloatware, only what the developer puts in the ROM)

    Please be advised. Im not responsible for anything going wrong with your phone.
    and good luck
    11-21-2012 04:10 PM

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