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    Hello All.
    I have just bought a HTC One S, second hand, only used for two months, it came from southern Ireland, I have opened the box and tried to start the phone up, it wont start so I am presuming that the battery is absolutely flat, with the phone I received a 2 pin charger, very much like a Razor charger and a lead, USB to Mini USB, I have pugged the USB lead into a British 3 prong USB plug and plugged the lead into the phone. it doesn't show any charging light or a picture of a battery on the phone, so the battery must be really flat. Is this the case, if it is so flat will the phone not start up, or show a charging light? its been on charge for about 10 mins, I would have expected some sort of charging light to come on.
    Regards to all
    07-23-2013 10:24 AM

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