1. mehpersonguy0's Avatar
    I recently had my old LG Viper fail on me (it was a piece of junk anyway >_>) and started looking for a new phone on Craigslist...why there? Money is tight and I have found some pretty good deals. I recently found an HTC One XL that caught my eye for $50. The only problem being that it doesn't charge or turn on. I looked into this issue, and apparently it's a common thing? A lot of people are saying do a hard reset (power and volume down for 15+ sec) while on an AC charger, some are saying plug it into a computer and try it, etc. I can't get a straight answer and I really don't know if I can afford to gamble the little bit of extra money I have for a new phone on one that potentially doesn't work...I've been talking to the owner, they said it's factory unlocked and they haven't tried to root it so it doesn't appear to be bricked or voided its warranty. If I had the extra money to throw away on a potentially 100% dead phone, it'd be a no-brainer because I've seen a One X in action and I wouldn't mind the chance to own one, assuming I could fix it. Should I take a chance or no? My plan was to meet the seller someplace public (never can be too sure with craigslist) and attempt a hard reset with a car charger or AC adapter *before* I agree to buy it from them.
    10-06-2014 03:42 AM
  2. WebmartSoft's Avatar
    I have one! That's awesome/ You deffinitely should try it
    10-06-2014 05:10 AM
  3. mehpersonguy0's Avatar
    An already unlocked One XL for $50? Hell yeah! A friend of mine had one a year er two ago and he loved it (granted this was shortly after release with no rooting or mods so it was a bit buggy) and at the time I had an LG Optimus S...in other words, the worst Android based phone Sprint had at the time :/

    I've also heard shining a REALLY bright light (phone camera LED maybe?) into the light/prox sensor along with the hard reset button combo should turn it on while on AC power...has anyone else had any luck trying to reset one like this, or would I need to plug it into a computer for whatever reason? I need to know soon because I'm going to meet them later today and I don't know if I'll need to bring a laptop with or not XD
    10-06-2014 07:18 AM
  4. mehpersonguy0's Avatar
    Quick update: went ahead and met the seller and attempted the power/vol down method, and it worked flawlessly $50 later and I have a new phone
    10-06-2014 08:05 PM

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