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    I have had an HTC One for the past few years. Several months ago, I got a Motorola Roadster 2 hands-free device to comply with new Texas hands-off-while-driving law. Everything worked perfectly. Push the button on the device; it asks whom to call; tou tell it and it connects. However, since the last system update to the phone, I can no longer use bluetooth to make outgoing calls when the phone is in my holster and the screen is locked. Now I have to take out the phone and unlock the screen before using the hands free device to voice dial a call - thus violating the law and opening myself up to a ticket. Sprint was no help whatsoever. Apparently there is no easy way to just roll back the update. Has anybody dealt with this? Or do I just eat the cost, chuck the Android phone in the Colorado River and go get an iPhone?
    Mike R.
    04-19-2015 04:31 PM

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