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    Miui Mod ScreenShots

    Thanks to everyone in the One X Community, you guys are great
    And everyone who donated, I really do appreciate it!

    -Base 2.15.401.5 Nocturnal'd
    -Optimized APK's for better Speed and Performance!
    -V6 Super Charger (Open terminal and type su then type v6)
    -SMS Backup/Restore
    -Recent App button Remap
    -Custom System Animations
    -Multitasking mods
    -LTE Toggle
    -Quick Settings
    -Advanced Power Menu
    -Sony xLoud Engine
    -Sony Bravia Engine
    -Unlocked All languages
    -Removed Bloatware
    -Core Tweaks
    --Aroma Installer with the following options:
    -Added the following regions for faster GPS Lock
    -North America
    -South Africa
    -South America
    -Optional Google Apps
    -Desense The Rom from installer
    -Miui Mod
    -Install Custom Boot Animations
    -Sony PSP Live wallpapers
    -Titanium Backup
    -Google Maps
    -Google Voice
    -Google Ears
    -Google Now
    -your choice of file explorers
    -EsFile Explorer
    -Xplore file explorer
    -Solid Xplorer
    -Sense 4.5 Camera
    -20mbps Camera mod with Volume + Shutter
    -5 Custom Rosie mods
    -2 Desense Options, Apex & Miui

    -Don't know of any at the moment

    Mobile Link

    How to Flash

    1. Download Rom.zip and save to phone storage
    2. boot into recovery
    3. wipe system
    4. wipe data if coming from another rom
    5. wipe cache
    6. go to flash rom
    7. select the proper download
    8. follow the options in the Aroma installer
    9. Reboot & Enjoy

    Please consider a donation to help continue development

    Team Nocturnal IRC

    08-05-2012 07:51 PM
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    *Edit figured it out, very nice job with the rom, liking it so far.
    08-07-2012 10:29 AM