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    So first my LED lite being the right hand multi-taker goes dim after I flash the previous update 2.3.2 or something the one before this days hot update. Then my quick status bar disappears at [removed by moderator] random. IT'S LIKE THIS ROM LITERALLY SCREWING WITH ME. Seriously like literally!!! I do not make random changes in settings and stuff randomly dims and disappears. I am about to NOPE the eff out of this ROM real effing quick.

    And yes I know my crap, the LED was not losing power or dimmed. It's back now. --And shortly before this new update "hot update" my status bar quick config wifi - brightness - etc is RANDOMLY gone literally no changes from me. It was one of those I was never in settings why is it gone.

    I have been rooting and rom'ing phones for over two years. ---THIS stuff above creeps me the crap out, 100% honest. You guys can call bull crap here, but what I am speaking is the 100% truth. Stuff does not ever "randomly" change or disappear on my cell phone. Take it as you read it.

    I simply to do not trust this rom anymore. CM10 never randomly went rogue and changed settings that I never touched.

    02-22-2013 10:44 PM
  2. LegalAmerican's Avatar
    If you're into ROM'ing and such, why don't you just flash back to whatever you like and get on with it?
    02-23-2013 09:24 AM
  3. Paul627g's Avatar

    Sorry to hear your having difficulties with a certain ROM. Same time while remaining completely neutral I do know Team Venom is a very established ROM development community with lots of testers and individuals putting together the option to run something better than stock when they decide to root and ROM their device.

    I do have to comment that coming here or any forum and openly blasting a ROM developer or community for some problems will always be met with opposition from its loyal followers. There is nothing wrong voicing your opinion or giving back troubleshooting information to help make things better or resolve a situation but that isn't the case here with the thread you have started. This thread was doomed from the moment you pressed the submit button.

    To the OP and everyone else...

    Some posts were deleted to clean this thread up. It will also remain closed and I hope not to find other threads started concerning this subject to insult. It appears judging from the posts I read this started outside the walls of Android Central and has been spilled on our doorstep. Its comments and trouble we don't need or appreciate. I recommend to seek out the ROM developers homepage/thread at their respective site and deal with it there and leave the drama there also.


    Forums Moderator.
    02-23-2013 12:44 PM

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