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    Hey guys,

    I performed this test a few weeks ago, and posted this on the only forum I was on (XDA) - but, being a new registered user on AC, thought I'd post my results.


    Hey guys,

    Just to let you know, I'm currently mid-test for H/3G streaming (no wifi), with constant listening via podcasts (pocket casts) and/or Napster (192kbps)

    I'm streaming via some beats urbeats earphones only, as I can judge it against my ex-SGS2 which wouldn't give more than 6hrs streaming before dying. (I don't know exactly 6hrs, but I would leave work almost dead some days from a 7.5hr day, minus my breaks & dinner, 6hrs is my guideline for the SGS2)

    3G/H streaming has always been a battery killer (on any phone), so I will let you all know my results with some screenshots too.
    Hey guys,

    Drum-Roll Please......

    I've just completed my test (2:45am) Lol - my ears are banging!

    CONSTANT streaming via 3G/H (No WiFi at all), through my beats urbeats earphones & at Full Volume.

    From 100% - 4%

    9 Hours, 15 Minutes, 11 Seconds!!!!

    (& with 43 Minutes, 15 Seconds screen on time - due to album, tracks, podcast changes etc)

    This amount of Audio Streaming via 3G/H is not just great, its OUTSTANDING!

    I could never get over 6 hours of constant 3G/H streaming on my SGS2. (Which was also very good, enough to get me through the day - although sometimes only just)


    I did get an ICS data usage warning too, LOL ( default was set around 350mb, so it warned me around this mark)

    I used 441MB in this particular test, some people have a 500mb (Per Month Cap) - which I 'almost' used in the time above.

    04-27-2012 03:25 PM