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    By now, I'm sure you've read Android Central's review of the One X.

    Now, we'd like to hear your reviews!

    One X area's of interest:

    • Aesthetics
    • Screen
    • Hardware
    • Camera
    • Speaker and volume quality (phone calls, notifications, etc.)
    • Overall User Interface (including HTC Sense)
    • Widgets
    • Signal quality (Compared to other devices)
    • GPS
    • Social Networking
    • Email/Calendar
    • Battery Life
    • Performance
    • Media (music, movies, DLNA)
    • Keyboard
    • How the One X compares to previous smartphones you've owned (if applicable)
    • Disappointments (if any)

    Feel free to provide as little or as much detail as possible, while trying to make it as useful as possible. Hopefully this will help others who are considering the One X, but would like to hear some user feedback first. Also, please do not review the One X if you don't own one yet
    05-07-2012 02:40 PM
  2. wsgrabowski's Avatar
    Scale 1-10, 10 = best

    Aesthetics = high quality, the more you use it, the better you like it. 10.
    Screen = Wow! Eye popping. 10.
    Hardware = High quality. Forget this talk about lack of quad core. It's VERY fast. 9.
    Camera = Eye popping, great features. Lots of options for composition. Good interface. VERY fast! 10.
    Speaker = OK. Heard it was supposed to be good, but in my limited use it's adequate. 6.
    Overall User Interface (including HTC Sense) = Love it, but not intuitive. You've got a real change from iPhone.
    Widgets = Good. Have to learn how to use them. Some great features. Love my Hot Spot and buttons to control power, settings. 8.
    Signal Quality = Excellent! Blazing speeds at transfers, and we don't get LTE in Seattle area for a couple more weeks!
    GPS = Not used extensively, but seems good. 7.
    Social Networking = Don't use.
    Email/Calendar = Excellent transfer of contacts and calendar from iPhone and Google account. Calendar format OK. Email slightly confusing format. 8.
    Battery Life = Goes a full day with heavy use, which is good. Never used the iPhone this much, so hard to compare. 8.
    Performance = Great! 10.
    Media = 10.
    Keyboard = Takes getting used to, but once learned, nice. Small buttons for my fingers. 8.
    How the One X compares = Give the iPhone to Mother, keep the HTC One X for yourself. It's a lot more fun, and you'll LOVE the phone/hardware/interface. 10.

    I'm going to add another thing: Speech recognition = 10. My friends all have iPhones, and the night before I bought the HTC One X, we spent trying to get Siri to respond. It was almost totally useless. My wife and I have tried to make Siri work on her iPhone 4S, and have failed. After using the almost ubiquitous speech recognition for my One X, I can report that it works almost flawlessly. Instead of trying to type Notes, I dictate them. It's incredibly fast and accurate. My iPhone Zombie friends were amazed.

    Disappointments = Have to really work to learn the interface and configure to one's preferences, but once there, it's great.

    Quality hardware and interface, Ice Cream Sandwich is very nice. I highly recommend this phone, even over the iPhone.
    05-08-2012 01:20 AM
  3. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    One X area's of interest:
    Aesthetics - 9, you really just have to keep using the device
    Screen - 10, VERY nice. albeit, I DON'T recommend a screen protector. It caused typos for me
    Hardware - 8, I don't like the power button on most Android devices
    Camera - 8, albeit impressive, sometimes I feel a photo has that 'depth of field' to it
    Speaker and volume quality (phone calls, notifications, etc.) - 9, almost too loud on some calls, even if I turn it down
    Overall User Interface (including HTC Sense) - 9, simply takes a moment to get use to it
    Widgets - 10, an abundance of choices
    Signal quality (Compared to other devices) - 9, so far, so good
    GPS - not tested it
    Social Networking - 8, updates sometimes seem to take a while (twitter)
    Email/Calendar - 9, for the calendar, I wish when you selected a day, it gave a preview of items in the bar at the top or someting
    Battery Life - 10, simply impressive on an Android device. This is the main reason I STILL own this device
    Performance - 8, it just works. Albeit, sometimes there is a slight, ever so slight lag. Maybe updates are happening in the background
    Media (music, movies, DLNA) - 8, but, Beats By Dre headphones should support next & previous
    Keyboard - 10, takes getting use to, but works!
    How the One X compares to previous smartphones you've owned (if applicable) - 8, compared to a Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket
    Disappointments (if any) - 5, the current WIFI issue, i.e. not always staying connected
    05-09-2012 09:38 PM
  4. MrSherms's Avatar
    I've had the HTC One X for about a week now, so here is my 2 cents on the device. I should start out by saying that this is my first Android phone, and that my last phone was an iPhone 4, so you will see a few comparisons.

    Aesthetics - I am really enjoying the look of the phone. I own the white model due to the fact that the store was out of the gray. Initially I was planning on exchanging it for the gray later in the month, but it is really starting to grow on me. The white color seems toned down compared to the iPhone white. The body style is smooth, feels great in the hand, yet it is super light.

    Screen - The screen is a *huge* upgrade for me and I love it. The colors are vibrant and crisp, but at the moment, I am just in awe of the amount of screen real estate.

    Hardware - Again, the phone casing is solid and sturdy, yet lightweight and comfortable in the hand. One issue I had with the iPhone was the location of the proximity sensor. Sometimes when I held the phone with my shoulder, the screen would wake and my cheek would end up muting, speakerphoning, or just plain old hanging up on the person I was talking too. I have not had this problem with the One X. As for the button layout, maybe it is because I am used to the volume buttons on the left side, but I seem to hit the volume rocker quite often when trying to sleep/wake the phone.

    Camera - This is one aspect of the phone I have not yet been able to explore fully, so I am going to reserve judgment and update this at a later date.

    Speaker and volume quality (phone calls, notifications, etc.) - The speaker & volume seem great. With the first call I made I could immediately notice the difference in call quality from the iPhone. Speakerphone seems loud and clear but not distorted.

    Overall User Interface (including HTC Sense) The UI is by far what I most enjoy about the phone. Coming from the iPhone 4, I am impressed with and really appreciate the amount of ways the UI can be customized to my liking. I find it to be very aesthetically pleasing, yet very intuitive and functional. I really enjoy the Trace function of the keyboard (similar to Swype), and I am not finding a lot of HTC pre-installed apps that are useless. I will say while the 3 or 4 pre-installed AT&T apps are useless to me, I could see how some people could find use in them. However, it is annoying that they cannot be uninstalled through the default methods.

    Widgets The use of widgets is a new thing for me. I like being able to customize each screen, and they dont seem to impact the performance of the device. HTC has a few quality ones built in, like the visually appealing weather widgets, and a few decent toggle buttons. I still find myself searching the app store for new and improved ones.

    Signal quality (Compared to other devices) I live in an area with great 4G LTE coverage, and so far I am impressed. My work building would typically damper all signal from my iPhone. Not only are calls and messages now coming through now, but I ran Speed Test and was able to get around 15mbps download speed and 5 mbps upload. When I run speed test outside of work, I get upwards of 21mbps down/8mbps up! I also have my music synced with Google Play, and I have had no problem streaming music.

    GPS I have only used the GPS once, but I found that using the car dock interface was very convenient, and Google Maps Nav worked great.

    Social Networking The integration with your contacts is interesting. You can go through your phones contacts and the latest status updates for your friends will be listed along with their contact information. It is an interesting idea, but I think one that I do not fully appreciate.

    Email/Calendar I am a frequent Gmail & Google Calendar user, and everything syncs and performs great.

    Battery Life As of right now, I find that the battery does not last quite as long as my iPhone 4. This is likely due to the much bigger screen, on top of the fact that Ive had trouble putting down the phone in the first week. Typically I would charge the iPhone overnight and get a full 12 hours or so on it, not having to charge again until bed. The One X seems like it will get through a full work day, but just barely, so I will usually opt for a charge around mid afternoon. Again, this is likely due to my excessive use this week, but with the size of the screen I really didnt expect the battery perform quite as well as the iPhones.

    Performance This thing moves fast! Apps open, close, and transition quickly. Overall, I have not felt any issues with lag.

    Media (music, movies, DLNA) I have had no problem streaming music from Google Play, and it is easy to download certain song or playlists to the device for offline use. Videos load fast and play without lagging or intermittent buffering. There is, however, a couple built-in media apps that I have yet to try (HTC Watch, for example).

    Keyboard I have had no issues transitioning from the iPhone keyboard to the One X keyboard. The standard two thumb method is effective and easy. I am adjusting to the Trace action (similar to Swype) and am amazed at how quickly I can type and how intuitive it is.

    How the One X compares to previous smartphones you've owned (if applicable) Compared to the iPhone, I like the many options available for customization and the much larger screen. I am impressed with the performance and the 4G LTE speeds. Overall, I am happy I made the switch from the iPhone 4 to the One X.

    Disappointments To sum it up, I have found the location of the volume rocker to be annoying, which is a personal preference and likely due to having an iPhone for so long. Also, the pre-installed AT&T apps cannot be uninstalled through the default methods. I should mention that there are some bugs with the phone (see the HTC One X ATT Version Bugs Thread). I am definitely experiencing a few of these, but I feel that this is all part of the normal process and most will be ironed out with the first round of updates. At no point have any of the disappointments made me regret the switch.
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    05-12-2012 09:59 AM
  5. irishman06's Avatar
    Hi folks --

    Previous Androider, first time AT&Ter. I've had the Sprint HTC Hero and the Samsung Epic 4g, plus I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 wifi.

    Aesthetics -- 11/10. WOW. My iphone friends are all jealous when I take this out of my pocket. I can't put it down, just want to fondle it all day. I've yet to have a person not be floored by the look and design of this phone.
    Screen -- 10/10. The Super AMOLED on the Epic was, well, Epic. This is beyond that. It looks like its literally on the surface of the phone.
    Hardware -- 9.5/10. Its fast, and runs a long time.
    Camera -- Another 11/10 wow-er. Took a photo the other day in terrible backlit sunshine, used HDR to underexpose all the folks in the foreground and kept the background from washing out.
    Speaker and volume quality (phone calls, notifications, etc.) -- 8/10. They work well enough for a phone, so far. Haven't found any glaring weaknesses, but it's not an outstanding strength.
    Overall User Interface (including HTC Sense) -- 9/10. Coming off Sense 1.0, Touchwiz, and most recently CM9, I'm impressed. There's some stuff it does really well (love the productivity lockscreen, try it iPhone folks!), but there are a few things I think CM9 does better.
    Widgets -- 10/10. Weather animations don't crash my phone anymore! I liked the HTC widgets on my Hero back in the day, and I get them again, making me warm and fuzzy.
    Signal quality (Compared to other devices) -- First AT&T device, but getting 7mbps download in downtown Nashville which was a Sprint nightmare is sweet.
    GPS -- It works.
    Social Networking -- 9/10. I like the FB integration in the camera app. You can tag from your phone, but it seems to be missing a few of my friends.
    Email/Calendar -- 9/10. They work. I miss email previews in my notification bar, anyone know how to change that?
    Battery Life -- 5/10. Haven't been super impressed, but i just ran it to dead and am recharging to full. Will see how it does after this.
    Performance -- 10/10. Its a speed demon, both network and phone wise.
    Media (music, movies, DLNA) -- Google music. Same as it was everywhere else with ICS. 9/10
    Keyboard -- Still trying different ones, since I got the tiny-Swype bug. Trace is not quite as good, on a Swiftkey trial, which I use with the tab.
    How the One X compares to previous smartphones you've owned (if applicable) -- Incredible aesthetics, camera, speed. There may be a day when I miss having a removable SD card, and I want a dock ASAP (indispensable for my Epic), but this phone's a keeper, and I'm glad I went AT&T over an E4GLTE.
    Disappointments (if any) -- It doesn't have an app that builds you an island, then turns into a jet that flies you there.
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    05-17-2012 05:15 PM
  6. dylan808's Avatar
    Had the One X for just over a week now.

    Aesthetics- 10/10 a very eye pleasing device. smooth, slick, natural. i really like the direction HTC took in designing the One X. I will often catch myself just looking at the phone with the screen off. just amazed at the build quality. another winner for HTC.

    Screen- 10/10 Blew my mind from the instant i powered the phone on. it puts my previous phones to shame. Very vibrant (even at just 50% brightness). Colors look fantastic and the viewing angles are excellent. I always though people were over-exaggerating when they said the screen looked like a sticker on a dummy phone but that's truly what it looks like and i don't mean that in a bad way.

    Hardware- 9/10 Solid. Typical HTC, which is why they are my manufacturer of choice. no creaks, cracks, or any other blemishes. although i would have prefered a lightweight metal for the shell of the phone (like the One S) but Polycarbonate works just as well.

    Camera- 10/10 Not a big photographer so i don't have much to compare this to. But as a regular dude who takes several snapshots a day for Instagram/Facebook, this camera performs like no other smartphone before it. It is very quick so i can get those shots of my dogs, and the quality is great for a smartphone. All the built in camera features are a plus!

    Speaker and volume quality (phone calls, notifications, etc.)- 7/10. Call quality was decent. The same as what i expect on AT&T's network. but the speakers are a bit soft in the earpiece and on the backside. But cranked up to full volume they work as expected with no distortions.

    Overall User Interface (including HTC Sense)- 7/10. I am very impressed at how HTC took on Sense for the One X. i wasn't a big fan of their recent iterations of Sense (3.0 and up), it seemed too heavy for my tastes. But Sense 4 is much more toned down and way faster than what i expected it to be. so it maybe a while before a try another launcher so i can use Sense a bit more. Although the multitasking thing has bugged me too but i rarely use it anyway.

    Widgets- 7/10. Beautiful, Vibrant, and HUGE widgets as i've come to know (and love, kind of) from Sense. but instead of 12 different clocks maybe add in a battery widget or something different? there are other apps that can do this but i would like Sense to add some of their design to other kinds of widgets.

    Signal quality (Compared to other devices)- 8/10 I don't have LTE in my area yet so i can't speak for that part. but HSPA+ is excellent and i get averages of 2.5mbps down and 1mbps up so i can't complain

    GPS- works fine. don't use it much. (small town.) i don't get lost

    Social Networking- 10/10 Social Media integration is better than every. i don't use Friend Stream but HTC makes things REALLY easy for people to share just about anything from pictures and videos to most major social networks.

    Email/Calendar - works as needed. i use GMail anyway.

    Battery Life- 9/10 Battery life is OUTSTANDING! i can easily get a full days use of the phone. i am a moderately light user throughout my work days, a few phone calls, text messages, FB/Twitter/Instagram, web browsing, offline reading/Pulse). i can let the phone off the wire at 6am and by the end of the work day (8 hours later) i'm usually at 65-75% depending on usage throughout the day and the phone will usually last me the rest of the day until i head to bed. by then screen on time is probably at 3 1/2 to 4 hours.

    Performance- 10/10 Unbelievable at how fast the One X is. this is my first dual core device coming from single core phones. and I just love how buttery smooth it is. i haven't had any slow downs yet no matter what i throw at it! Keep your quad-core for now, my Snapdragon is keeping me happy.

    Media (music, movies, DLNA)- 10/10 This phone was practically built for Media consumption! from the gorgeous 4.7 inch screen, to Beats Audio integration. Listening to Music and watching movies on my One X is such a joy.

    Keyboard- 6/10 I personally did not like the stock HTC keyboard. i immediately downloaded Swiftkey 3 and never looked back.

    How the One X compares to previous smartphones you've owned (if applicable)- My previous phone was another HTC device, The Inspire 4g. still a pretty solid phone today. but the One X just improves on the Inspire in EVERY single way. better screen, battery, build quality, Front Facing camera, the list goes on. but i'm very satisfied with HTC's hardware after two experience with their devices.
    i've also had a iPhone 3g and Palm Pre Plus. and lets just say it would not be fair to compare those to the One X

    Disappointments (if any)- i have very few complaints. but my main complaint is AT&T and HTC should've took the time to iron out most of the bugs BEFORE releasing a top tier device like the One X. although i know some problems can be impossible to find without releasing the device to the public. I'm confident they will address the Multitasking and Notification issues in future updates.

    All in all. the HTC One X is one of the best devices i've ever seen ever since i started following the smartphone trend. a combination of Solid Hardware and a Smooth UI over Android ICS makes this a dangerous and extremely competitive device to any other manufacturer.
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    05-18-2012 02:20 AM
  7. Capt Gary's Avatar
    Less than 1 week on the X... Great all around device. Gave my wife my sammy CaptivateGlide.
    I am having issues with the WiFi not letting go of the router, but understand a fix is comming up. Otherwise? Verry nice, well thought our & excuted piece. Camera is as good or better than anything we can get for 300 or less. IMO... Screen is better than my laptop!
    Now back to business... Gotta support my habit... Airplanes
    05-22-2012 09:17 PM
  8. Lenient Process's Avatar
    I've had the One X for about 3 weeks now, and after suffering through the Radio Shack pre-order fun-fest, I have to say I'm pretty impressed and the phone was definitely worth the wait.

    Aesthetics – Sharp-looking phone. Slim with a subtle curve that most don't notice until they see it lying flat.

    Screen – Best screen i've ever had. I've tried to watch movies and podcasts before on iPhones and a Samsung Focus, but the One X screen takes the cake. Big enough to watch movies during my lunch break, viewable at the sharpest angles, and great color.

    Hardware – Solid hardware, almost too lightweight, if that's possible! My only wish is that the top of the phone were flat so the power button doesn't require reaching over from behind or pressing from the front. Nice big volume buttons make it simple to make a quick adjustment, particularly in the gym.

    Camera – better than my Canon point and shoot. Good quality video, and being able to snap pictures while taking video is awesome, especially with a crazy 6 year old son running around.

    Speaker and volume quality (phone calls, notifications, etc.) - Speaker is okay, not quite as good as my retired Focus, but close. Phone calls are solid and clear, notifications are fine. Nothing to jump for joy over, but not bad.

    Overall User Interface (including HTC Sense) – this is my first ever Android experience, and i'm really enjoying it. Streamlined, looks sharp, does everything I need it to. I was a bit iffy about trying Android, but I can't imagine going back to iOS or Windows Phone now.

    Widgets – I spend way too much time customizing and changing these around. Beautiful Widgets are probably my favorite, if for no other reason than the wi-fi on and off.

    Signal quality (Compared to other devices) – LTE here in Houston is smoking fast. Haven't had any problems with LTE yet, and rarely travel, so I can't imagine it'll be an issue. Wi-fi, on the other hand... I've had wi-fi drop because my son sat down between me and the wireless router. Come on, he's only 6, he's not that big! This has been my only real let down with this phone.

    GPS – seems rock solid. I use it for navigation and also for cycling with Strava and it works like a champ.

    Social Networking – Facebook and forums load faster and have better apps than my former Windows phone. Otherwise, same as always.

    Email/Calendar – Not a big calendar user as of now, so I can't comment on that. Email works as it should; I'm not tied to my phone all day so I just check email manually when I feel like it.

    Battery Life – notably less battery life than previous phones. I'm not a heavy user, but this battery has to be charged every day or it's dead in the water, which is at least 30% less battery life than I've ever had before. Razor thin batteries are nice, but I think we're maxing out that size/capacity relationship.

    Performance – Fast phone, very smooth, no lag.

    Media (music, movies,DLNA) – as mentioned before, I've never been very interested in watching movies or podcasts on a phone until I got this one. Plays movies in HD very well, podcasts are good, music playback is fine as well.

    Keyboard – I only used the stock keyboard for a day before grabbing Swiftkey X, so I can't comment other than to say it seemed about as good as my Focus was. Swiftkey X is so much better, though, that I can't imagine still using the stock keyboard.

    How the One X compares to previous smartphones you've owned (if applicable) – Definitely the best smart phone I've ever owned.

    Disappointments (if any) – Wi-fi wi-fi wi-fi! Come on HTC, roll out that fix! I was hoping against hope that battery life would be better than it is, but as I mentioned before, I'm not a heavy user, so once a day charging works fine for me. People who really use their phone a lot will want to look into car chargers and such to keep it charged up.

    Overall, I'm very happy with the phone. If you're on AT&T, definitely give it a look. If they can be patient in waiting for HTC to fix the wi-fi issue, I think any Android user would be impressed with the One X.
    06-04-2012 10:43 PM
  9. Metalhawj's Avatar
    My review is based on the HOX out of the box, not rooted or anything yet, and coming from a user that switched from iOS

    Aesthetics: 10
    phone is damn beautiful.

    Screen: 9
    Highest screen quality. The size is still a bit big for me though.

    Hardware: 10
    gets the job done and seems like it will last my 2 year contract.

    Camera: 10
    probably the best part of the phone.

    Speaker and volume quality (phone calls, notifications, etc.) 5/8
    the speaker is a big disappointment. Not even as loud as my old iphone 4.
    call quality is good though. but it catches everything that is going on on other end.

    Overall User Interface (including HTC Sense) 6
    the home screens are good. but the app drawer is very annoying. I do not like how i still have to go through and search for an app since everything is in there.

    The settings can be a huge hassle to get to and get used to. Its not something a regular user can pick up and start changing things around how they want. takes time to learn and can be very frustrating.

    Widgets 6
    Widgets were the the things i looked forward to the most switching to android. But its really nothing. the only widgets that are useful is the weather widget and music playback.

    Signal quality (Compared to other devices) 10
    LTE is a beast

    GPS N/A
    havent really had the need for GPS yet

    Social Networking 7
    facebook app still sucks. its nothing too special

    Email/Calendar 8
    Gmail client for android is REALLY good.

    Battery Life 8
    LTE, giant screen. this thing drains battery. but it handles it quite well. i can get a good 7 hours with it using the phone like crazy. but it could be better also

    Performance 7
    the lag is a huge disappointment. even with the speediest processor and LTE, ICS is nowhere near as smooth as iOS.

    Media (music, movies, DLNA) 8

    Keyboard 7
    stock keyboard is crap. use swype or swiftkey

    How the One X compares to previous smartphones you've owned (if applicable)
    There are some things about the HOX and android that I really like alot. Android does use a more open manner of handling apps and such but you wouldnt really be able to feel that unless youre rooted. So you do find apps that could not be developed for iOS on android.

    Disappointments (if any)

    The lag is horrible sometimes. with stock sense, my phone was unusable in landscape mode. everyone knows that "jellybean" is coming with a fix to this but when? unless you will root and do all that fancy stuff, have fun with sense ICS for the next year and a half.

    google is pathetic at saying android is more "open" than iOS considering that users have to take such round about ways to "open" their devices.

    Setting up my contacts and everything was a pain also. i do not like android syncs EVERYTHING to the phone. i ended up having 400 of my FB friends in my contacts, 700 emails and contacts from gmail. and i really only needed about 80 contacts taht i already had in my mac.

    thats the other thing, the phone does not sync too well with macs also.

    the bloatwear is garbage that i cant throw away. or the phone wont let me throw away.

    not all apps are compatible with HOX. and the apps arent built as good as they are for iOS.

    It took me quite a while to set up the entire phone to how i like it to be. but its cool now that i got everything straitened out.

    Last thing i want to say is that, Android is not as user friendly as iOS. Definitely a much bigger learning curve than iOS.

    average score: 7.9
    07-13-2012 07:18 PM
  10. tqmcguire's Avatar
    First off, forgive the length. I need an editor. I just love all gadgets and I try not to do things halfway. I have been an all-out iPhone and iPad fanboy for years. After selling my Nexus One I had moved away from Android, turned off by the ugly skins and not-so-attractive devices of the past couple years. With the launch of ICS, Android started a turnaround for me. It looked good. Then the HTC One X came out. It looked GREAT. Then the Nexus 7 announcement came and I couldnt ignore it anymore. I gave my wife my iPad 3 and sold my iPhone 4S and bought the One X and Nexus 7. I wanted to be fair when I judged the two platforms.

    Ive had my HTC One X for a few weeks now so I thought I would share my thoughts.

    As nearly everyone in the tech world agrees, this is a beautiful phone. I love HTCs choice of materials and finishes. I think if they had gone with the matte finish on the sides of the device they wouldve become discolored over time. Seeing as the sides of this rather large phone are the areas we are in contact with the most, oils and dirt from our hands couldve built up and caused an eyesore. Being glossy allows a quick wipe to remove 99% of dirt. The one area I do question is the black bezel. Ive seen some HTC phones done with the white bezel (EVO 4G LTE and HTC Radar WP7 phone) and they look really sharp. I think it wouldve just helped set the phone off a bit more.

    Speaking of that large black bezel, underneath is quite possibly the industrys best display. I come from an iPhone 4S and this Super LCD 2 display matches it. The colors are fantastic and (most) everything is sharp. If we could only get more developers to update their graphics for these newer hi-res displays. The beauty of this screen makes it a joy to use. I turn it on just to look at it ok, not really, but it IS that good.

    This is a well-built phone. I havent heard a single creak and the unibody polycarbonate is lightweight yet sturdy. The One X feels nearly as solid as my old iPhone 4S. I like the volume rocker being on the right side, right where my thumb naturally hits so volume adjustments are quick and easy. The sleep/wake button is on the top, where it should be Samsung, are you listening? Both buttons are firm and responsive. The capacitive buttons are nearly perfect as well. I might prefer them to be spaced a little closer together; reaching that back button with one hand is nearly impossible. Their responsiveness, however, is spot-on and the haptic feedback is great.

    Oh the camera. I feel like this camera has been praised to the heavens. I havent used it a whole lot but from what Ive seen, Ive not been blown away. I listen to tons of podcasts from different sites, read everything I can and nearly everyone gushed about this camera. Its a great camera, no doubt, but maybe my expectations were too high. Id put it just a small notch below the iPhone 4S. Low light gives it problems, as it does with every phone camera but all in all, its good given proper light.

    What did blow me away? The speaker on this thing is LOUD. On my drive home from work I always have it turned up to the max (windows down on the turnpike, stereo blaring) and can still hear it pretty well. The problem comes when I get home. If I forget to turn it down my next notification causes me to nearly soil myself. The speakerphone works great and the alarm clock is more than sufficiently annoying when it wakes me up in the morning. I have no issues at all with this speaker. It simply blows away the iPhone 4S.

    Overall, HTC Sense is a perfectly fine skin. I much prefer stock Android (especially Jelly Bean on my Nexus 7). I cut my Android teeth on the Nexus One way back in 2010 and after trying many other manufacturers, I just love stock Android. As for Sense itself, since this is a review, I think its additions are well done. The lockscreen is very convenient. Dragging the icons into the ring is quick and easy. What else can you say about a lockscreen? The weather is nice? Ok, its nice. The homescreen and dock are both well designed. Its just much better looking than TouchWiz. One major gripe I have is the amount of wasted space with the 4x4 layout. I prefer 5x5. I dont want to scroll screens any more than I have to. I installed Apex Launcher Pro and all is well with the world. The app drawer is an app drawer, a little change from stock, nothing horrible. I prefer stock therefore I like the Apex Launcher drawer better. Contacts are well done. The dialer could use some Holo-fication. Its a little cartoony for my taste but again, not horrible. Calendar I dont use it on this phone if I can avoid it, I just dont like using it. It gives you no information in Month view. Theres no easily accessible Week view. Samsung and stock Android run circles around this calendar. Notifications are well done. I like Samsungs in-notification screen toggles but I have HD Widgets for that so no issues there.

    On the widget front, I think HTC has a great assortment. Their weather/clock widget is the widget every other weather/clock widget wants to be. Very useful toggles but I prefer HD Widgets for that (5 across instead of 4). Its unfortunate the HTC widgets dont work with Apex.

    This phone is fast. When I have a good signal, I can get 6-7 Mbps down. My iPhone 4S never saw that unless I was somewhere no one else was using AT&T, like my old hometown who just got AT&T 3G this year so EVERYONE uses Verizon. Anyway, unfortunately I dont live near AT&T LTE so I cant speak to that. The problem comes in my office. I cant get a good signal at my desk. I get 1 little bar and it doesnt allow streaming of my Sirius radio or podcasts very well. In fact, when I connect it to my old Verizon 3G MiFi it streams better than on AT&Ts 4G. The iPhone 4S never had that problem on AT&T at my desk. Other than when in my office I get fantastic signal.

    The GPS is similarly fantastic. It finds the satellites quickly and locks on well. Nothing much else to say about that. I dont use it in the car for turn-by-turn since I have a TomTom.

    Im not quite sure how to review social networking for a phone. My social networking revolves around the apps I use. Built-in sharing pictures from within the phone might be a good way to speak on the social aspect. HTC has included sharing to nearly every service under the sun and it all works well. I can Tweet, Facebook, SMS, MMS, email, etc from many different places. I like it.

    Like I said, I normally use the apps themselves for social networking. Email is the same. I use the Gmail app and widget. Its a fantastic experience on the phone and I enjoy emailing from my Android devices.

    Battery, battery, battery. I think maybe it could use a bigger battery. If I dont use the thing it can last all day but as soon as I fire up that 4.7 screen it drops like a rock. Ok, maybe Im exaggerating but it certainly drains quicker than Id like. I dont whine about it, I take Phils advice and just charge the damn thing. Its on charge all day at work. When Im in the car its on charge there. Be a man, charge your phone. I leave here at 4:30 and when I go to bed at 11:00 each night its in the 40% range. Works for me.

    This phone is a beast. It lags here and there and that leaves me dreaming of stock Jelly Bean on this bad boy, but overall its just fine. Download speeds on cellular are great, wifi speeds are fantastic (luckily Ive not been a victim of the wifi bug). In daily use I have no complaints with the speed of this phone. Playing Riptide GP is beautiful and fluid. Great job HTC.

    Beats Audio. Yeah, I drank the damn Kool-Aid. I own a pair of Beats Studios (in white of course, to match my HOX) and initially I was underwhelmed with the headphones when I used them with my iPhone 4S. They had little bass and clarity suffered a bit too. Not so when I plug them in to my HOX. I try to watch out for the placebo effect and Im telling you thats not the case. Beats, whether its just an EQ setting or not, helps the audio sound better, in my opinion. Bass is firmer, not boomy and clarity is great. Thats not just with the Beats headphones, the sound coming through my Klipsch earbuds sounds better too. I dont really watch movies on my phone but those Ive seen, such as HD YouTube videos have been beautiful.

    Of course for any avid social networker, texter or emailer, one of the main areas of contention in phones is the keyboard. The HTC One X has a decent keyboard. Given practice I can hammer out an email or text with no problem in seconds flat. That said, its not the best Ive used on Android. I prefer SwiftKey 3. I find its prediction fantastic and error correction better than average. The stock HTC keyboard offers prediction and auto-correct as well, its just not as intuitive as SwiftKeys implementation. If someone forced me to use the stock keyboard, however, I could do so without too much complaining.

    In the past year Ive used as my daily driver the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Torch 9810 and Samsung Focus. Id say thats a pretty fair cross-section of top-of-the-line competition. How does the HTC One X compare? Wonderfully. The BlackBerry Bold 9900 was probably the most elegant phone Ive ever used. The keyboard was impeccable and the screen was really good. The problem? Its a BlackBerry. Apps are horrible. Sure, lots of people use their phones with just the stock apps and more power to them, but I need more apps and BlackBerrys were the worst of the bunch. The Torch 9810 suffered from the same problem. The Focus was a plastic Samsung phone but without Androids expansive Play Store. Quality apps were a real problem. So the true competition comes from the iPhone 4S. Like it or not, Apple sets the bar when it comes to build quality, fit and finish. Like I said earlier however, the HOX is no slouch. It doesnt feel QUITE as premium as the iPhone and I think Ive figured out why. Its the weight to size ratio. The iPhone 4S is 10 grams heavier in a much smaller package. I dont mind a heavy phone. Id actually prefer a little more weight to the HOX. Given its larger size, trying to use it one-handed would be assisted with a little more weight to anchor it in your palm. I picked up a coworkers HTC Vivid and it shocked me. THAT phone has some weight to it. A weight somewhere between the Vivid and One X would be perfect for the size. The App Store on iOS is just a better market to me than the Google Play store. The odd thing is, I dont miss any apps I used on my iPhone or iPad now that Im using the HOX and Nexus 7. Theres just something about the quality of the apps. One example is Appigos Todo app on iOS which just felt and looked fantastic. I now use 2Do on my Android devices. It performs the same exact tasks as Todo I just dont like using it as much. I know thats because there are so many different resolutions Android app developers have to account for but its still an issue for me, however minor. I dont really game on my devices, Riptide GP was a must buy since I had the $25 credit from the Nexus 7, but the HOX more than holds its own against the iPhone. I guess I kinda miss Infinity Blade 2 but not much. Overall, the HTC One X is beautiful, powerful and an unquestionable equal to the iPhone 4S. It blows away all BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices, sorry Kevin and Dan.

    After spending all this time praising the wonderful HTC One X its only right to take a moment to say whats not so wonderful. Ive had a couple minor glitches with my HOX. Ill start small. One time the phone just started vibrating and wouldnt stop until I mashed a few buttons. It was odd and disconcerting but just a one-time occurrence. More upsetting to me is technically NOT an issue with the HTC One X in its stock form. I have an issue with the Chrome browser. At times when I have more than one tab open all content will disappear. Nothing will bring it back except killing the app and reopening it. Im a multi-tasker and that gets really annoying really fast. I dont know if thats on Google or HTC but whoever it is needs to work it out. The other issue Ive had is the screen flashing while Im typing on the keyboard. Again, Im not sure if this is SwiftKeys problem or HTCs but its annoying. When using the stock keyboard I couldnt get the screen to flash, so Im guessing its a SwiftKey bug. That said, I still use SwiftKey because I prefer so much over the stock keyboard. Given that 2 of those 3 issues might not even be HTCs problem, Id say thats pretty darn good.

    So thats it. My quick little review of the HTC One X. Im dying to use a Galaxy S III just to compare the two but I dont have $550 right now so it will have to wait a long time. Given the opportunity, Id buy it again in a heartbeat. Great phone.
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    08-09-2012 01:32 PM
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    Great review! Thanks!
    08-10-2012 01:34 PM
  12. schlemer's Avatar
    Ok, So with me being a (happy) BlackBerry user. I decided that I wanted to give Android a proper shot. I am currently on day 12 of my own 30 day challenge and here are my thoughts:

    One X area's of interest:

    The One X is a very beautiful device, even if it wasn't insired by nature . I went with the charcoal/ black


    is gorgeous and generous. My 45 year old eyes were used to the 9930 and 9810, but to be honest. They are much more happier veiwing the 4.7" screen. Also, it looks more natural than the SGS3 which although beautiful as well, tends to look bluish.


    I am one of the fer who like the power button on top. Blackberry devices normally have them on top. So I am used to that.The hardware feels pretty solid.


    Amazing and easy to use. Very close to natural color reproduction.

    •Speaker and volume quality (phone calls, notifications, etc.)

    Phone call sound is good. Video and music playback coud be louder. My Bold 9930 is way louder than the One X.

    •Overall User Interface (including HTC Sense)

    I love Sense, smooth and easy.


    nice, still getting use to having widgets. Used to hunting for app icons.

    •Signal quality (Compared to other devices)

    Signal so far has been good. Again, Bold is very solid, plus it's one Verizon.My wife has had very minor issues with her iphone 4s on AT&T.


    Have not used yet

    •Social Networking

    Love the intergration of Facebook, Twitter and Google+


    Not too bad considering what I'm used to. Calander app is nice. I think I like the one on the SGS3 a little better.

    •Battery Life

    Thanks to some really nice members, I got some great tips on battery management.. I can get a full day with moderate use.


    Very good. fast, nimble and powerful.

    •Media (music, movies, DLNA)

    This is a sore spot for me. I'm so use to the music app on my Bold. It works a lot better (for me) than the cumbersome stock music app. I am in the middle of trying Play Music. Not sure about it yet. I do however love using Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube. Doctor Who never looked so good on the small screen.


    My last touch screen was on a BB Storm 2 which I loved using except for corrections. The One X is pretty good for my needs. I only wish I had an option for Suretype. I could fly with that setting. The marker for making corrections is a joy to use.
    EDIT: I just discovered the Suretype setting in the Language & Keyboard settings. It's called compact in the keyboard types. This is huge for me. On my Storm I really loved the Suretype/compact keyboard setting. YAY!

    •How the One X compares to previous smartphones you've owned (if applicable)

    I would rate it equal to better in some cases. My BlackBerry has a great feel in hand. Great video camera. Picture can be great, as long as there are no close ups involved. Keyboard is unmatched on the Bold as well. When I find the apps that I need to be productive, they are pretty great. Web browsing while improved, is still slow compared to ios and android.

    On the One X, it sure is nice not having to reboot every time I install a new app. Love sharing videos to FaceBook from almost ever media app. Screen size is better. Feel without Otterbox is elegant, with Otterbox it is slightly bulky but still comfy.Speedy and app plentiful.

    •Disappointments (if any)

    While the lack of removable battery is not a big deal for me. The major issue for me is the on board storage. A flagship device like this one should have been at least 32 gig and also have included a slot for optional card.

    I still don't know if I will keep the One X at the end of my trial, but it sure makes it hard to give up. Kudos to HTC. My initial intro into the world of Android has been for the most part a great experience.
    08-14-2012 09:11 PM
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    MrSherms, There is a way for you to remove those apps that you do not want from your menu. If you go into settings, apps, all apps - choose the app you would not like to see anymore and then hit the force stop button and then uninstall updates button. After that is done go back to that app and force stop again then disable button. You will no longer see these apps in your menu. You can enable them at any time you choose if necessary.
    10-09-2012 06:57 PM
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    Here is my video review. For x plus from att

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    HTC one X+ is a really nice phone to use. It has improved a lot from HTC one X. Specially if you talk about the battery, there is a betterment. It has Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass sensors.I would like to refer you this page for more specifications of HTC one X+ HTC One X+.....The power is here!!!! - TechWikasta .
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