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    Best screen ever on a phone hands down. I came from a gnex and I thought that screen was great but this super LCD screen is crazy good. But then again I think this phone is the best phone I've ever owned. That's saying a lot since i thought that the gnex was the phone I would keep forever. I'm not saying this to start anything between the people that have the gnex phone but dam I love this phone. Like I think I'm in love with it. Its freakin fast and super thin. And I will say it but I like sense 4.0. I like it better then stock android. Thought I would never say that. And I don't even care if the boot loader never get unlocked. I think I finnaly found a phone that I don't care or want to root. Again the screen is crazy good.

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    05-20-2012 12:17 AM
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    I will agree with you! Better than the gnex and the best screen on the market! But at the end of the day the phone just wasn't for me! Glad your enjoying it.
    06-05-2012 07:54 AM
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    I'm thinking of a gs3 now. The only thing is that its got the amoled screen and I'm not sure if I want to go back to that after this screen. That's my only consern.

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    06-05-2012 08:41 AM
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    I'm debating the S3 as well but after AC review and video walk through I'm less inclined to give up my HOX.

    Better screen, better camera & camera software, Sense 4 > TouchWiz, design, overall interface, no legacy buttons, sound quality, and battery.

    While you can't remove the battery the HOX battery is performing amazingly for me and I don't want to swap batteries to begin with.

    Storage space is limited but I stream everything anyway coming from an iPhone 4 16GB, I've learned how to really use cloud storage to my advantage. That being said I pay for a 5GB data plan.

    Also prefer almost every UI element on the HOX from email and testing to Web browsing and sorting through apps.

    Try both, but make a decision based on your own personal experience instead of others.

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    06-05-2012 11:46 AM
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    The multitasking is killing me on the hox. What u like about the gs3 is some if the cool things it can do like the stay awake, and when your texting and you out the phone up to your ear it will call that person. Those are just cool. This is my second HTC phone. The last one was the hero on sprint. I was not happy with that phone. I've had two Samsung phones the first was the vibrant and the second was the gnex on Verizon. The vibrant was good but bad GPS. The gnex had bad radios. But still good phones. But am I really giving up that much going to an amoled screen. I liked it on the gnex just fine. I to have great battery life and I would think that the gs3 would be as good with the bigger battery. But sense vs touch wiz is a tough one. I just can't decide.

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    06-05-2012 02:12 PM