1. reno55's Avatar
    I would love to find the right solution for me....I am coming from iPhone so all my music is in playlists on iTunes and I am currently using iSyncr and it works great but what I would like to do is use some service to sync specific playlists (of my choosing) to and then stream to my one x for playing.

    Hopefully I can also find a player app that supports ratings in iTunes. I also should mention I have tryed google music and since alot of my music is dj mixes it makes it very tough and it doesnt exactly work well in other msuic for me either.
    05-24-2012 04:24 PM
  2. icebike's Avatar
    Google Music.

    Get an account.
    Install the Google Music app on your computer.
    Google Music play already on your phone, if not, install from market.
    Upload all your music (just point it to your itunes storage on your computer)

    Create play lists, either on your compter (web interface) or on your phone.

    All your playlists are synced to your phone as well as any computer as well as any android tablet.

    And its better than a streamer. because its a caching streamer. If you have a favorite playlist those songs will download the first time you play them and stay in cache for some time (till you stop listening to them). Saves bandwidth, by not re-streaming.

    I have a TON of DJ Mixes on my phone and in my Google Music account. Use them for exercise and stuff. Works great. Even for the hour+ long cuts.

    And, by the way, GM will handle side loaded music too, you don't have to load everything up to the cloud.
    05-24-2012 05:54 PM
  3. reno55's Avatar
    The issue is google music uploader is not working right on my mac and when i go to it on my pc i cant see the stuff ive uploaded in the playlists view but some stuff made it to my phone and i see the playlists there
    05-24-2012 06:01 PM