1. jase700's Avatar
    I'm receiving some text messages multiple times. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to what phone numbers, carriers, etc.
    06-01-2012 03:59 PM
  2. Sennant's Avatar
    Have had that problem going all the way back to my Captivate.
    06-01-2012 04:05 PM
  3. Mr. Shah's Avatar
    Yup, sometimes it will send again a half hour later. I also have the issue of not being notified of all my texts. Sometimes I open my messenger app and I'll have unread messages that never showed up in my notification bar...kinda sucks when they are time sensitive. Hopefully an update will fix this.
    06-01-2012 06:45 PM
  4. rckatsj's Avatar
    Note, this is not just limited to one particular type of phone. I have an HTC One X and my husband has an Iphone 4. I'm not currently having that problem, but he is. Ive noticed that several other sites are also reporting this same problem. I'm beginning to think that maybe there is a network problem with the towers.
    07-12-2012 11:43 PM
  5. Iamdunne's Avatar
    Yes and had it happen with my last phone too a Skyrocket.

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    07-13-2012 06:29 AM
  6. celticking's Avatar
    I think it's an issue with either the towers or reception as if the phone doesn't have adequate signal or thinks the text didn't go through and attempts to send the data twice. Always seem to get doubles from iphones, though.

    Sent from my EVO
    07-13-2012 10:51 AM