1. macguy59's Avatar
    why are Android phones in general so slow at getting a GPS fix ? The Samsung Infuse 4G I played with prior to buying the HOX was terrible at getting a GPS lock. Some blamed the chipset Samsung used while others said the problem was with Android OS. I had hoped using a phone with much better hardware (and different mfg) and the newest OS would fix the problem. Alas it hasn't. My iOS devices (even a wifi only iPad) get a MUCH faster GPS lock.
    07-15-2012 02:39 PM
  2. llocknload's Avatar
    I am just your average android nerd and by no means am I a developer, but I have noticed that with some of the Roms I have flashed to my Gnex the changelog for the version sometimes states something like "tweaked gps for faster lock" or something like that. So my best guess would be a combination of both hardware and OS, with the later having a possibility to be tweaked to make up for any deficiencies the hardware may be producing (for whatever reason).
    07-15-2012 07:27 PM