1. NinjaBlob's Avatar
    Maybe I'm just being clueless, but I've been struggling with this and have no idea what I'm doing wrong, so I thought I'd ask here.

    All of my contacts on my One X are imported from my old phone. I added my Facebook account, and asked it to sync "only the contacts I have on my phone". However, it didn't add any of them; the only one that's linked is whose name I edited afterwards. Since that didn't work, I tried to link accounts manually; I changed the Facebook setting to sync all contacts, went into one of my phone contacts, hit the Link button in the corner, and found the Facebook account I wanted to link to. Upon selecting the Facebook contact, however, I was just taken back to the same "add contact" screen I started at. Am I doing something wrong?
    07-20-2012 11:31 PM
  2. Devinator's Avatar
    I'm confused. When you go into your Dialer, and, hit the Menu button, then go to Accounts, do you see your FB account there? If so, did you short press your FB account and go into it and set it up to Sync?
    07-21-2012 08:29 PM
  3. NinjaBlob's Avatar
    I did. I set it to sync 'only with contacts already on my phone'. It then proceeded to add every single one of my Facebook contacts (of which less than a third are actually in my phonebook) onto my phone, and merge (or link, as HTC seems to call it) none of their entries.
    07-21-2012 10:46 PM
  4. Devinator's Avatar
    Yea, I think FB has a tendency to add all of your contacts like that.

    Have you considered seeing what would happen if you removed your FB account and added it back? Maybe it was just a glitch. Just throwing that out there because I'm stumped at the moment. I wouldn't want you to have to deal with adding them all back, but, it might be worth trying if no one chimes in with any other suggestions.
    07-21-2012 11:10 PM
  5. NinjaBlob's Avatar
    Yeah, I tried that multiple times =/ It adds all of my contacts back in, but still doesn't link them, and it won't let me manually link them either, as I mentioned in the OP.
    07-22-2012 12:34 AM
  6. Devinator's Avatar
    I'm sorry, tired, it's late here. So, you are saying that you have multiple contacts from people that you have added manually, and, you also have a duplicate contact for them from FB. Then when you go into edit the contact, and hit the Menu button, there is no option that appears that says Join? Mine says Join anyway, not sure if that is what you mean by Link, or, if there is some option for Link that does what you want for all of your contacts.

    If you have not tried to do it manually for one contact, I would suggest trying that.

    Or, if you have a contact from someone on FB that isn't in your phone as a contact you created, you should try creating one and see if you can get the Join (or Link) option with a new contact that you've created after this problem.

    Like I said, sorry for the confusion, I'm tired. If none of the helps, maybe someone else will be able to chime in with some suggestions. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
    07-22-2012 12:59 AM
  7. NinjaBlob's Avatar
    Oh no, the Link button shows up, and hitting it gives me the option to link with a Facebook contact or an 'Other' contact. Tapping on the Facebook button brings up the list of Facebook contacts, but tapping on the correct contact just takes me back to the previous screen.

    I've attached screenshots of what I just described, if that helps (I know two are the same, but that's because I'm taking back there; the link button is that broken link thing that says 'Phone', but accessing the Link option through the menu brings me to the same page).
    07-22-2012 01:19 AM
  8. Devinator's Avatar
    Hmm, that's not how it works on my phone at all. When I hit my menu button, there is an option for Join. As soon as I hit that, it brings me up a suggestion of who to Join the contact with. Based off the name I guess, never have to select anything related to FB. I guess that is why we weren't on the same page.

    Have you tried merging it the other way around? Sounds like you are going from the phone's contact to the FB contact. Maybe try it the other way if you haven't already. I know you can't edit FB contacts, but, I know I can merge a contact from either one. When the contact comes up and it says you can't edit it, I'm still able to hit the Menu button and get the option to Join.

    Thanks for the pics though, definitely cleared that up a bit.
    07-22-2012 01:37 AM
  9. NinjaBlob's Avatar
    Trying to link from the Facebook contact brings up the exact same screen, complete with the Facebook contact and 'Other' contact options (from what I can tell, 'Other' contacts seem to consist of Google contacts).

    Interestingly, I do have two contacts successfully linked; they were both contacts that the phone suggested I link after I edited the phone versions (both contacts were nicknames, and I changed them to their real names so that I would be able to link them). I've tried picking another contact at random and just hitting 'Edit', but that didn't seem to work.
    07-22-2012 03:29 AM
  10. maliz23's Avatar
    I'm having the same exact problem. only 5 of my contacts "synced" and I have no idea why. I'm new to Android ( BB's for years) and this is the only "hiccup" I've had so far. Any help would be appreciated.
    07-22-2012 11:44 AM
  11. NinjaBlob's Avatar
    I found a fix; it's cumbersome, but it works. For each of my contacts, I deleted the last letter from the name, hit Edit, went back and added it back in, and then manually linked it with its corresponding Facebook account (occasionally it would suggest the link before I got to it, but I found that waiting for it to figure out links was inconsistent at best). It also only seems to affect contacts that were transferred onto my phone (I'm coming from an iPhone 4); any contacts you add in yourself should be fine.
    07-22-2012 02:14 PM
  12. loraque's Avatar
    Android wants to use Gmail for your Contacts, not your SIM card. Though annoying, if you make your Gmail account have pristine contacts, imported and then cleaned via a computer, you will not regret it in the long run. Then delete everything from your SIM card to prevent any problems like this (common cause of duplicate entries as well).
    07-22-2012 02:41 PM
  13. NinjaBlob's Avatar
    I actually don't have any contacts on my SIM; all of these contacts were just on the phone's memory. But I see your point, and I'll definitely check it out.
    07-22-2012 03:17 PM
  14. icebike's Avatar
    And a word to the wise...

    Never sync contacts (or anything else) with Facebook. Only sync with Google.

    Facebook will mine your contacts, they have already been caught at this.

    Sent from my HOX
    07-23-2012 01:01 AM
  15. WVJetta's Avatar
    I went through a similar experience... All of my contacts were imported by radio shack from my iPhone. So in the one x they were "phone contacts". What I had to do is delete the phone contact and make them a google contact then link to facebook from within the contact by.clicking the button on the top right and searching facebook manually.
    10-06-2012 12:52 PM
  16. Nicole Rice's Avatar
    I have the same problem and I deleted the FB sync and synced again about 5 times now. It's not a problem with FB, is a problem with the phone. FB asks you if you want to sync only the contacts already in your phone but when you go to your people it asks you again which causes the problem. I also cannot manually link contacts and I get the same screens that you do.

    I just bought this phone and I hope they make an upgrade to the software soon! I really don't want every friend on FB in my contacts but I want the contacts that I have to be linked to their pictures and posts.
    05-15-2013 02:28 PM
  17. ryeman1234's Avatar
    i figured out how to link. The facebook contact has an email associated with it. If you add this email to the phone contact they will let you link. Kind of a pain in the ***.
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    09-06-2013 04:33 PM
  18. A Houk's Avatar
    I did a similar thing after upgrading yesterday. Going in and changing the names of my phone contacts (i.e. adding last names or replacing nicknames with real names) seemed to help it link up a lot better! It's still not perfect, and not being able to link manually is a bit frustrating for sure, I would have saved me a TON of time. But it seems I can now choose to view either just phone or FB contacts and still access all the info for each contact. Thank goodness!!

    Tedious, but it works. Hopefully, like me, you don't have an excessive amount of contacts to make the task easier.
    04-28-2014 09:22 AM