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    Let's just say you followed my guide to root your phone, or install a custom recovery, and you've had enough fun, and want to go to stock what do you do? You follow this guide

    *Disclaimer* I do not take responsibility for anything that happens, though I have tried this method (including the RUU re run) and it worked for me!

    Also, this guide is meant ONLY for the international Quad Core Tegra 3 One X (EndeavorU, S720e), NOT the AT&T, Rogers, or any other variant!

    Lastly, this will 'relock' your downloader, and in the hboot screen, it will say 'relocked' after you follow these steps, instead of the stock 'locked' which you got when you first bought the device. You only need to use this guide if you want to UNROOT your One X, that you rooted earlier, and unlocked its bootloader too, currently, there is no method to return your phone to 'locked' state, unless you have S OFF (Very Unlikely)

    To unroot, and return to a stock ROM, and relock your bootloader, follow these steps (For the international Quad Core One X)

    1) Download the corresponding RUU for your device (Google it) Maske Sure it's the Correct RUU, the wrong one could ruin your device!

    2) Run this fastboot command:
    fastboot oem lock
    3) Run the RUU

    4) Be patient, though If the RUU is stuck at 'sending' for more than 20 mins, disconnect your phone, reboot into fastboot mode, and then re run the RUU (ROM Update utility).

    Lastly, enjoy, and do let me know If it works for you, ask me any question in this thread and I will do my best to reply to it ASAP.

    Also, do hit the thanks button

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