1. AustinSlater25's Avatar
    When people send me pics lately they are tiny. Is there something in my settings or in my end to fix this?

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    09-12-2012 03:44 PM
  2. icebike's Avatar
    Its been discussed in other threads here in the forum.

    In some ways it depends on the resolution of the sender's camera. Someone with
    a older phone or feature phone may only be sending small pictures.

    Most of the ones I receive are coming in at 720x1280 whether they are screen shots or camera shots.
    (Tap the pic, open in Gallery, then tap the pic in gallery to see details about resolution).

    You can also set the maximum mms message size on the HOX, and pictures are sized down
    to fit. If your senders set theirs at very low sizes you get very small pictures. I set mine at
    09-12-2012 04:24 PM

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