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    I'm an iOS defecter, or about to be. The One X Plus finally has what I want/need and I think Adroid Jelly Bean is finally mature enough to be able to divorce Apple. I'm tired of waiting for jailbreaks after every iOS update.

    For the first time though I find myself very impatient for some reason. I'm usually not one of these people that has to have the latest device the day/week is comes out. Heck, if you wait for refurbs to start hitting the market you can save big bucks. But so is the price of being an early adopter.

    I'm frustrated AT&T still has not released an on-sale date. I think I'm going to just go grab an iPhone 5 64GB upgrade for $400 and sell it for $1,250 on Ebay and continue to use my iPhone 4 until the HTC is available so I'll at least break even (if phone costs $700) or maybe come out ahead. Downside is, if I don't like Android, I now have to sell the HTC and buy a used iPhone 5 (or use my 4 untilone of the other 2 lines in my family is up for upgrade.) The risk/price you have to pay for not being patient I guess.

    This being my first Android device does anyone have any tips as far as getting the best deal on the HTC One X Plus? It seems there is a seller on Ebay listing for $730 or so pre-order with an "estimated" ship date of Nov 3 or 5th (can't remember). Interestingly in the past 48 hours a couple more sellers have popped up which seems to indicate we are getting close to actual release. Having the phone not carrier specific (although GSM is AT&T or T-Mobile only) seems like a benefit if worst case I have to resell it. Best case would be a seller than had a 15 or 30 day satisfaction guarantee but I think that's rare/non-existent except maybe only when you are buying with contract?

    My guess is, once more sellers actually have the phone in hand, the price should drop,, what, $100? As it seems these early adopter prices in the $720-$760 range are just trying to take advantage of SUPER impatient people. I can wait a week or so after they start shipping to see if there's a price drop due to competition but I'm not waiting several weeks or a couple months for AT&T to start selling it, or even longer for refurbs to come out. Although if I was wiser with my money I should. I guess I should at least wait until Black Friday deal announcements are out no matter what happens?

    Sorry for the ramble, but I only buy a phone every two years and its always been an iPhone via AT&T on contract renewal so I'm not familiar how the open market behaves on non-contract brand new devices coming out.
    11-03-2012 02:08 PM
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    Well, if you want the LTE version you pretty much have to wait till AT&T releases it, because as of this point in time
    nobody knows if the EURO LTE versions will work.

    The Euro HSPA/UMTS version will work on AT&T, but nobody has that yet that I have seen.
    This is the best choice for non LTE areas, and portability. But you give up LTE speed.
    You can Pre Order it from NEGRIELECTRONICS but if you can wait a bit till they actually get them in stock the price will drop rapidly. Its never going to be $100 unless you expect to get a subsidized and carrier locked phone.
    11-07-2012 12:08 AM

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