1. TarekElsakka's Avatar
    Hey there

    I recently bought a one-month old, in perfect condition HTC One X with warranty and everything. It is a white version which I rooted and installed Viper (Venom) Jelly Bean custom ROM onto about a week or so ago.

    The problem is that the phone keeps dropping signal completely, as in there is absolutely no network at all. I would then have to reboot the phone and then everything goes back to normal.

    I do not understand why this is happening, and I cannot determine if it's because of the OS since the day I got it I immediately installed a new custom ROM to it and then kept trying other ROMs until I settled on Viper.

    Does any body have any ideas what may be causing this? I'll compile a list of all the applications I am running and post them here asap.

    I repeat, the phone keeps dropping network completely not just data (3G) as in I cannot receive or make phone calls.

    Thank you very much.
    11-14-2012 02:56 PM
  2. icebike's Avatar
    Drop back to stock for a while and see if this still happens.
    The latest stock is really very good, I doubt you gain anything but headaches romming this thing to death.
    11-14-2012 05:13 PM
  3. TarekElsakka's Avatar
    Drop back to stock for a while and see if this still happens.
    The latest stock is really very good, I doubt you gain anything but headaches romming this thing to death.
    Could you tell me what the easiest way to unroot, relock bootloader, and go back to the latest stock version is? I struggled with installing custom ROMs, actually, especially with flashing the boot.img and all that crap so I don't want to go through that hassle again, I am just too lazy. Is there an easy way to return to stock perhaps from the phone or just by using a certain executable file while the device is connected to my computer? I have both Windows and Mac so whichever OS is fine.

    11-14-2012 05:29 PM
  4. TarekElsakka's Avatar
    Okay I found this very helpful tutorial:

    [TUT] Getting everything to stock from custom [NOOB FRIENDLY] - xda-developers

    I'll follow the steps and return the phone to stock. I'll update this thread in a couple of days.

    Cheers, mate.

    EDIT: Does anybody know which RUU (which I am assuming is the software itself) do I need on my device?

    Directory listing of http://www.htcruu.com/Endeavor
    FileFactory Folder View - Endeavor

    I am aware that I should get some sort of variables by going into fastboot and running the CMD but then again I read online that if my phone is unbranded (which it is) then I can just upgrade to the latest RUU with no problems. Is that true?
    11-14-2012 05:40 PM
  5. TarekElsakka's Avatar
    This is what I got:

    version-main: 3.14.401.600

    From running this command:

    fastboot getvar version-main
    Which version should I download? I am assuming this one?

    11-14-2012 06:09 PM
  6. TarekElsakka's Avatar
    Well.. that didn't work out

    I am assuming it's because the version on my phone is 3.14.401.600 which, as far as I can tell, is newer than all the RUUs I see on the two websites, and in the tutorial it says:

    NOTE: You can't use a lower numbered file eg 1.26.401.x and you also can't use a file from a different region eg 2.17.707.x.

    What can I do? How do I revert back to stock? This is frustrating.
    11-14-2012 10:54 PM
  7. cyanogen-man's Avatar
    Why on earth didn't you do a Android back up and simply unroot and delete the from sigh

    11-15-2012 10:42 AM
  8. TarekElsakka's Avatar
    I got the phone already unrooted and with a custom ROM installed so I had no choice. What's the solution now?
    11-15-2012 10:53 AM
  9. TarekElsakka's Avatar
    Well I am confused right now. I already installed Viper and am using it just fine, although I woke up to find there was no signal at all, which has been happening quite often lately and I cannot tell if it's from the ROM or the sim card or the device itself, which is why I wanted to revert to stock in the first place so if anything is wrong I can take it to HTC.

    How do I go about reverting to stock? I am confused as I mentioned before.

    This is the ROM I downloaded: [ROM] HTC One X *STOCK* ROM | 2.17.401.2 | Ice Cream Sandwich | HTC Sense 4.1 - xda-developers and it is supposedly stock and untouched.

    How do I go about installing it and reverting EVERYTHING back to stock? I don't need a deep, detailed tutorial but just a few simple steps on what needs to be done first, second, third, etc.

    Thank you
    11-15-2012 10:57 AM

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