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    Ok I'm desperate so I'll start the thread. Its crazy this issue has been plaguing me for about a month now since I got the phone. Randomly the phone will lock the SIM card, with a PUK Locked message, or it will come up as saying "no sim" both of which prevent network connectivity and phone calls. Have spent hours on the phone with ATT tech support and they don't have a clue. The one guy who may have been right was a higher level tech I talked to who thinks its a software issue. Well they had me do a factory reset, and guess what it started again after a few days. Basically once the phone is rebuilt with apps. Well after much arguing they replaced the phone with a new one and no issues for 2 weeks. Then as if right one queue, it starts again. So at this point have replaced the phone, and the SIM. Whenever this happens I can usually get it to reboot OK and work again for a while without locking but sometimes it will take 2 or 3 reboots. The only thing I can figure out is, there is an app that is causing the phone to lose connectivity with the SIM resulting in the locked or no sim state at wake. Has anyone else experienced this?

    My other issue which may or may not be related is that my google contacts will not sync. The calender seems to work fine, as do tasks but something is preventing the contacts from syncing even though it acts as if it does. Can anyone recommend a fix?
    Update, found a way around. It seems the problem related to syncing the contacts is not that they are not syncing in that the phone by default saves them in a separate phone book. Finally got a few onto the google account manually by copying the contacts under manage contacts. Not sure why but had to do that manually. Then after syncing again they finally were really backed up. Then after copying them, told it to merge contacts and that fixed it so there were no duplicates. Still weird that it will not sync by itself between the phone books.

    Thanks so much, please someone help before I pull all my hair out.
    11-30-2012 02:23 AM

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