1. perithimus's Avatar
    So I got a One X+ lol. I love the phone. Jelly bean is awesome. A few things I have noticed. The pictures seem to come out a little dimmer. I also noticed that the auto brightness at the same setting as my one x isn't as bright.
    12-19-2012 04:57 PM
  2. SenseMonkey's Avatar
    Me too,I got it last weekend. Tho I switched cause of the processor and storage. JB is nice tho. Really smooth overall phone.

    From my ONE X+ :-D
    12-19-2012 05:57 PM
  3. dmxjago's Avatar
    That's probably exactly HTCs plan, don't release jelly bean to make sales first off the one x+ for the holidays. I suspect we get it right after the holidays like after January's. People will have gift cards and all so it should be at least another 1-2 months Imo. Hope I'm wrong though bc I want the official jelly bean.

    Sent from my HTC One X using Android Central Forums
    12-20-2012 07:49 AM

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