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    I've just bought my first HTC device and as the title says it's the One X+. Seeing that the battery issue is quite a popular one on the net, i'm very interested in finding out some things on this topic just to make sure i do everything correctly:

    1. Do i need to format the battery when i start using the phone? My previous phone was a Sony Xperia X10 and on the battery documentation it said the Li-Ion akk needed to have 3 x 12 hours charge sessions before starting to use the phone. Is it the same with One X+? Do i risk any loss of battery life since i haven't done this?
    2. Is it better to use my original charger or can I use a more powerful one (output of let's say 2 mA)? Currently it takes about 3 hours for the One X+ to fully charge and I'm not used to waiting that much. So if i use a more powerful charger, does this impact battery life?
    3. If i keep the phone on while the battery is being charged, do i damage the battery more?

    I'm asking these questions because, since i can't replace the battery on this phone, I don't want to wake up one year from now just to realize i have to throw the phone away just because I didn't use it properly. This is a problem I didn't have before with any other phone.

    Other than that, i just have to say the One X+ is everything i wished for and even more. I'm already an HTC fan
    12-26-2012 05:41 AM

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