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    Solution to my problems are in my reply below this post...

    After flashing Cyanogen Mod's stable evita build a few times I was still experiencing too many issues so I decided to do a full wipe and retry. Not being the first android I've totally wiped, without thinking I did a complete format... Sdcard, system, dalvik cache, etc. forgetting that my phone didn't have a physical sdcard slot. ::derp:: Now I'm stuck with my unlocked boot loader and clockwork mod, but no phone.

    I can get my computer to recognize the phone when in fastboot, but I can't get it to recognize it when in recovery mode (via ADB). I know I can push in files when in ADB, I've done it plenty of times before, but I've never really used fastboot for anything other than unlocking the bootloader. Is there any way to push a file to the sdcard? Or perhaps just starting any rom from there so I can push what I need when debugging mode is on or connected as external storage?

    I'll update this post when I find a solution.

    Edit 1: 3:20 AM
    Note: I have the latest HTC driver installed, and the latest fastboot/adb from the android dev website. I can hear the usb connection sound click on when the phone boots into ClockworkMod Recovery but adb still doesn't recognize the phone even after killing and starting the adb server.

    Edit 2: 4:00 AM
    I decided to try and update CM recovery to (Yet another thing I've done plenty of times before.) Somehow that managed to put me into an indefinite HTC logo (yes I can still get into fastboot) and can't even get CM recovery to start. Yippee! I'm going to let the phone sit for an hour. Hopefully it'll decide to calm down so I can continue inserting my head in my butt further.

    Edit 3: 4:30
    I couldn't help myself but continue after waiting 15 mis... I've seem to have gained some progress. I decided install the old CM (touch). This time I don't hand on an HTC logo, now I just have a blank screen. However, I noticed that my computer made the USB click on sound and decided to test adb. Sure enough I was able to push the stock rom to the phone's sd card! Now I suspect that CM for one reason or another isn't liking my screen so I'm going to look up the button's process for installing from sdcard from cm screenshots online. Wish me luck!

    Edit 4: 4:50
    Gave up on CM recovery and went to TWRP. FTW! I'm currently pushing AOKP rom, CM10 rom, AT&T's Stock rom, Gapps, swipe, etc. I'll post all necessary steps here once I get my phone up to 90%.

    Edit 5: 6:00 Solution posted below...
    After realizing that I was having sdcard mounting issues I found out that I could fix it by performing a factory reset with HTC's recovery image installed. After I did that I was able to mount the card after copying all the data to it and install a beautiful and fully functioning rom. The phone is now doing the awesome Google restore of apps, contact, WiFi credentials, etc. So I'm going to assume that I did a good job at recovery... I'm going to reply to this post with a detailed fix!
    01-07-2013 03:01 AM
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    Stuck On a Constant Boot Screen? Solution Here:
    Level: Intermediate
    Assumptions are made that you are rooted with an unlocked boot-loader and have adb, fastboot, your drivers, ROMs, etc. in hand.

    If your having SD card mounting issues in your recovery:
    Reboot into boot-loader
    Select: Fastboot
    Plug your Android into your computer
    Install factory recovery.img from HTC. Run:
    ./fastboot erase cache
    ./fastboot flash recovery.img
    Reboot bootloader. Run:
    ./fastboot reboot-boot-loader
    Select: Factory Reset
    Reboot into boot-loader
    Select: Fastboot
    Plug your Android into your computer
    Install favorite recovery img Run:
    ./fastboot erase cache
    ./fastboot flash twrp.img
    Note: "twrp.img" can be your favorite recovery tool, such as ClockworkMod.

    Install favorite ROM with TWRP Recovery:
    (I recommend you checkout the links in the resources section below first and get GApps installed with your ROM before booting it for the first time.)
    Reboot into boot-loader
    Select: Recovery
    Plug your Android into your computer
    Touch: Mount->Mount USB Storage
    copy all needed files over to phone (namely a rom)
    Use OS's safe USB ejection (This is important.)
    Touch: Unmount
    Touch: Back
    Touch: Install
    Use the file browser to find the ROM you wish to install and touch it.
    Swipe: Swipe to Confirm Flash
    Note: You may add aditional items here by selecting "Add More Zips".
    They will install in order in which they were selected.
    Touch: Reboot System
    Congrats! You are now up and running with a new ROM!

    Welcome to HTCdev Go here for your Drivers, Stock ROMs, etc.
    TeamWin Projects - TWRP 2.3 - | TeamWin Go here for TWRP recovery. Click on the "Get TWRP for your device" link in the top right corner. (I find it more user friendly than CM)
    ClockworkMod ROM Manager - Recoveries Go here for CM recovery, ROMs, Apps, etc. Make sure you select the link next to your device. They have links for GApps (which doesn't come with CyanogenMod 10) so I suggest you install it when installing the ROM (before you boot to it for the first time) so you get the Google account restore options from the gate that will reload your phone with all it's apps & settings.
    01-07-2013 06:29 AM
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    I would highly advise anyone from using CWM, way too many issues seeing as it wasn't made for our phones specifically. TWRP is the way to go
    01-07-2013 09:23 AM

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