1. dmxjago's Avatar
    I've had wifi issues since I purchased my htc one x for AT&T in may. I have had the hone replaced and the issue was never resolved and I'm kid of fed up with it for the fact that everyone I know who has an android device other then a one x don't have these issues. Issue seems to be Interment but happens a lot actually all the time.

    Basically my issue is I have wifi turned on sometimes I lose connection.i notice this due to delayed alerts at times and when I'm using the phone such as on the play store, Facebook or any app that uses the I telnet every once in a while ill get a connection loss message and have to wait for the Internet to come back, usually comes back quick but still very annoying. Another ways can tel is when the phone is in sleep mode is when it happens the most. For example ill unlock the screen at times then all of a sudden I receive all my alerts such as gmail, google talk and any other alert that never came through b c of loss of connection. I also notice a lot when I open google talk right after I unlock my screen that it says I'm offline, then after a few I see it come online and if I had any google talk messages they then come through. I also see the time stamps when this happens, like emails come in and google talk messages and they can be anywhere from like 2-15 mins delayed at times.

    I have also performed various of tests when the phone is asleep and I s end myself an email or google talk message and it does not come in until I unlock the phone. FYI this is Interment does not happen all the time but happens very often.

    Are you guys still having issues with wifi ? Will getting a replacement possibly resolve the issue or sis this a known issue that cannot be fixed? I love the phone but sick and tire of not receiving all my alerts in real time. This is the first android phone with this type of issue and so frustrated.
    01-08-2013 07:11 PM
  2. binxiboo's Avatar
    Mine as well. Brand new phone that I just bought this January. I also went onto the Forums for AT&T and found that others were having the same issue with other phones as well. So far AT&T has had me switch sim cards, master reset, clear the cache on the blue-tooth, wipe network(they will remove you off and put you back on), turn on airplane mode and back off, and HTC had me do a cache clear from the recovery mode. It still has issues. Possibly the issues are not with the phone, but with the actual network. 4GLTE. That is what I have actually concluded from this. They offered a warranty replacement and I did refuse because I do not want to get a refurbished phone just yet. I am going to disable the LTE and use 4G only as they have now advised. Hope this helps!
    01-23-2013 06:04 PM
  3. Bizzle69's Avatar
    make sure you have "best wifi" disabled. It is a hardware issue, luckily I rarely see this myself.
    01-23-2013 08:16 PM

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