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    Hello community!! I have been reading through the site for a couple of days now, and I'm still confused which rooting method to use since the At&t, and Rogers are mixed together. Sometimes the techniques used are interchanged, sometimes not. Well my question, or problem is is that I am trying to root the Rogers HTC OneX, running the latest installed updates, which are;
    Android version
    HTC Sense version
    Software/build numer
    HTC SDK API level
    Kernel version

    I'm trying to achieve root because I want to remove bloatware from my phone.I do not know how to achieve root to do this, I don't mind temporary root, aslong as it keeps the changes I made during that root session. I've read around, and some of the posts that are relevant to my problem are outdate by almost 7 months, even a year with users claiming they're having problems with the method given, and these links were directed from a page that was only edited a couple days ago, so it's a bit confusing, especially when At&t, and Rogers are always jumbled around interchangeably. Anyways,I'd love up-to-date instructions on how to succesfully root this phone. Do I need to unlock the bootloader first? If I have to unlock the bootloader, fine(I know..HTCDev), would someone also provide me a way to unroot aswell, and lock the bootloader back up for a smooth stock startup, incase I want to sell the phone some day? My goal is to get root, remove bloatware, and be able to restore to stock when needed.

    01-24-2013 11:27 PM
  2. Bizzle69's Avatar
    well, to answer your first question -- both the att and rogers one x are the same build-- it is known as the One X... so any rom that supports at&t, will support rogers one x 99.9% of the time (just read the OP in each thread).

    Unfortunately you should have done this before you updated your phone... there is no exploit yet for the new kernel (the one you have), until htc releases the source, this will be nearly impossible to achieve. I honestly don't think devs are working on an exploit until then either (although i may be wrong, some devs may be looking into it).

    you can always go to settings>apps>all and select which apps you don't want and disable them or "uninstall updates"
    01-25-2013 08:43 AM

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