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    Last week I had my HOX as always in my ballistic shell gel case when it fell from my hand from about three feet. It landed on its corner (which this case has more padding on than anywhere else) and made a weird "thunk" noise. It then fell over onto its face (though the lip means nothing contacted the glass). I picked it up, and found this:

    I've dropped it many times from greater heiths without issue. And the impact wasn't on the screen. I think the first crack actually starts from the corner of impact, the top right by the multitask button. I dunno, its as if it squeezed the screen and it popped? Could the earlier drops have made some invisible weakness in the screen? I know this one is gorilla glass (1), where as the X+ and One are G2. I thought the difference with those was thinner, not stronger.

    FWIW the case it is sitting on is not the ballistic, it is a bikemate phone mount which has a clear plastic in front of it that I used since I kept getting tiny glass shards coming off of it. I eventually put a big piece of clear tape over it to stop that. Apart from the obvious. the phone works fine, digitizer works perfectly, just... the screen.

    Every shop I've contacted in the area tells me that this phone is tricky/expensive to replace the screen, I'm getting quotes in the $150-$200 range, don't know if that is normal. I've read HTC will charge well over $200.

    As I have a line available for upgrade, would do that (and probably for the HTC One) if it comes to that. But dang it, I loved this phone, it may not be the HTC One but I figured a year from now there might be an HTC One+ or HTC Two or something, didn't want to burn the upgrade yet. I know I could get another HOX via upgrade for 99 cents, but reluctant to do that.

    I have a friend at work that had a phone he didn't like that he basically offered me for free, a Motorola Atrix HD. Which on paper is similar to the Hox.. but after messing with it for a few hours I gave it back to him. (This wasn't the only reason I felt a little awkward accepting that). But everything about the Atrix reminded me of what the Hox did better, the screen, the keyboard, the camera, etc. Maybe I didn't give it a fair shake (to be fair it did have a micro SD slot) but I knew I couldn't be happy with that.

    So... apart from a "woe is me", was wondering if anyone else had experience with screens.

    I've seen various kits for replacing on screen, most guides seem rather intimidating to me, and most seem to favor replacing the screen + the digitizer instead of just the screen, because apparently that is more work. But the people who do these things can apparently do them fairly fast, just.. I dunno. I am good at taking things apart, I suck at putting them back together properly (typical result it is back together and i have a couple parts I know came from it that are still outside. Still, maybe.

    HTC's trade in program would have given me $100 for my phone, now? $20. And offhand I thought it would be worth more than that selling it on my own (either before at $100 or after at $20).

    So for now I'm continuing to use it with the tape, it makes calls fine, and I can kind of read emails and texts if I scroll what I read to areas with less cracks. The tape doesn't appear to hinder the digitizer (though it did muffle the mic until I realized i had covered it).

    Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated...
    04-20-2013 12:35 PM
  2. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    I have a corporate customer who sent me about 20 of those. I repaired them for $175.00 each.
    The problem with a device like that is the LCD/Glass/Digitizer are glued together. SO the cheaper glass also has to be replaced with the more expensive LCD.
    For example an iPhone 3Gs glass is separate from the LCD.. So fixing one of them is cheap.
    If you found a shop that will do it for 150, use a new or like new part and warranty it, go for it.
    04-20-2013 07:33 PM
  3. Vrinda Lohia's Avatar
    The exact same thing happened to my phone! I have dropped it million times before. Never happened. Damn. I loved this phone. Any suggestions?
    05-02-2013 12:36 PM
  4. subarudroid's Avatar
    One X Screen Replacement
    Sent from my One X using Android Central Forums
    05-03-2013 09:59 AM
  5. Jatin01's Avatar
    Hi Vrinda,

    Have you been able to find a solution to your phone's problem. The same has happened with my phone.

    06-07-2013 11:06 PM

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