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    It's been exactly a year since the One X arrived at my door two days early thanks to AT&T. There have been some ups and downs with various updates, and a few HTC quirks, but I still love this phone and I truly believe it was the best Android phone ever when it arrived. It took about two days to realize how ridiculous it was that I used a BB for two years.

    I'll probably be eligible for an upgrade in the fall or so, and by that time the One and S4 will be a little dated for me. Might grab the next Nexus if the timing is right, or wait a while. I'm truly sad HTC is in so much financial trouble right now. Go HTC and thanks for an awesome site, AC!
    05-04-2013 11:22 PM
  2. ajp8806's Avatar
    Same here. I picked mine up on the 4th as well because I pre-ordered it. I still love the phone and still get compliments on the beautiful screen. The only quirk I have is the lack of RAM. I rooted/unlocked bootloader about 4 months in so I've been changing stuff up to keep it fresh. All said, I'm very happy with the purchase I made (actually bought 2, one for my wife.)
    05-05-2013 10:24 AM
  3. MangoPowah's Avatar
    Had mine since August, so it's not quite a year yet. Although it's had its days, it still remains one of the best devices I've used. I remember seeing an ad for it once and right there I knew it was the phone for me. My upgrade isn't until February though, so that means the S4 and One will be quite dated by then. Luckily though, that's around the time HTC and Samsung announce new stuff, so when upgrade time whirls around I'll have some brand spanking new phones to choose from.
    05-05-2013 06:14 PM
  4. aapold's Avatar
    I got mine last May, so about a year.

    I loved my one x, though just a couple weeks ago I broke the screen. I actually had an upgrade on another line... but due to a house sale right now don't have the margin to spend on getting a One. I could just replace the one x with another one x for 99 cents but don't want to.

    I ended up using a friend's atrix hd that he didn't want. On paper its the same cpu, same screen resolution (albeit slightly smaller screen (4.5 to 4.7) so higher pixel density.

    And every time I pick it up I am reminded of how beautifully engineered the one x was. sometimes I put the sim back in the one x anyway and deal with the cracked screen.

    If the one x + were .99 on upgrade I might do that. But AT&T still wants $199 for it, same as the one. so I'll probably continue as I have been for now until this sale is over and things recover then see what's what, maybe the one will be less, maybe there will be a new nexus.

    But the one x is a hell of a phone.
    05-05-2013 06:56 PM
  5. unopepito06's Avatar
    This is gonna be long-winded, but I've wanted to say this for a while.

    I'm coming up on a year in June (got it on my birthday actually!). I was so close to getting the S3, but once I saw the screens side-by-side at Best Buy there was no contest. I've had no physical problems with the phone the whole time, except last week a little piece of the curved black ridge alongside my lcd chipped off, so now there's a slightly sharp bit there, but it's not noticeable. My volume rocker's a bit wiggly too.

    However, the software problems with this phone have been very frustrating.
    The multitasking issue can be annoying in a few applications The most egregious was probably with the Run, Zombies! running app. I took a phonecall a little while after starting my run, when I came back to the running app, it had reloaded and I had to restart. Fortunately I'd just started, but still. It'll clear your fields when trying to login to an app if you have to do something else.

    HTC Smart Sync (aka the wireless shutoff problem). What's smart about this? Turn wireless off after a few minutes of activity. Downloading a file from your much-touted, much-relied-upon cloud storage? Better keep touching that screen once a minute, cuz if you let your phone just sit there and do it's job you'll lose that download, all the download progress, the worst is if you're like
    90% into a large file.

    US model storage cut in half, no dropbox promo through AT&T. Yup.

    HTC have done things like take out wallpaper scrolling, and added a persistent power saver notification that cannot be removed. You cannot set a third-party browser as your standard browser, it will open the webkit browser or ask you every time. These are all either in an effort to not get sued, or just plain bad design decisions.

    Every exploit method made in an attempt to utilize the hardware we purchased in the way that we want has been viciously attacked and squashed, developers jerked around, jumping through hoops just to be able to root and ROM. Now having to wait for a root method for the Jellybean update (which may never come if a lot of devs jump ship for the One) and an extra step just to be able to USE THE TOUCHSCREEN on an AOSP-based ROM. HTC filing takedown requests against sites hosting RUUs (god forbid).The S-OFF nightmare.

    I've also run into various little things that this phone specifically, out of all other phones, cannot do for whatever reason. You cannot do an ADB backup with the HTC One X. There's no USB OTG support, so you can't use a wired controller, you must spend money on a bluetooth one. HDMI out does not just work as it should, because of HTC's need to implement its proprietary wireless display tech. Having to do extra work (as a consumer) when trying to install ROMs with 1.14 HBOOT, etc., and from a developer standpoint to have to work with such frustrating restrictions and such disrespect from HTC.

    HTC have absolutely spat in the face of the developer community for this phone as well as the consumers who spent $200 or more for this device (on AT&T). Maybe all that was influence and pressure from AT&T, but which is worse? Them doing it of their own accord, or bending their policies to please AT&T just to get their device sold? AND only doing it in one market? How messed up is that?! If you buy the phone in Canada it's fine, if you buy it in America it's a nightmare.

    This has been a good phone for the last year, but this was my first Android device. Fortunately I have been reading about and interested in Android for a long time, and have a lot of tech experience, but if I was a "regular" consumer who ran into all this, I'd probably never buy another Android device again. I understand that this device is a different case than most phones. For me, I will be voting with my dollar. I'm afraid that, unless I hear testimonials from owners that these things are not present in the future, I cannot purchase another HTC smartphone.

    I know people smear products and corporations on tech forums like crazy. The above is my personal experience as an owner of this phone. I believe every consumer can and should voice legitimate criticism for products they purchase. I have enjoyed many aspects of the HTC One X, I do not regret buying it, we've had a good run together, but I will not do the last year over again. I really do wish every issue with this phone could be eliminated from future HTC devices. I'd buy them. People would be happier. HTC Sense is beautiful, but is it worth the hassle? For me, it is not.
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    05-06-2013 11:57 PM
  6. Google10's Avatar
    US model storage cut in half, no dropbox promo through AT&T. Yup.

    You cannot set a third-party browser as your standard browser, it will open the webkit browser or ask you every time. These are all either in an effort to not get sued, or just plain bad design decisions.
    These two things don't apply to my experience with the AT&T One X. I suppose my Dropbox space will be expiring any day, though.
    05-07-2013 12:10 AM
  7. patrixl's Avatar
    Wow I'm glad I'm not in the USA and didn't get the AT&T One X.. I got an unlocked Taiwanese version with 32GB storage, no issues at all, heck apart from my Japanese phone I haven't been tempted to buy any phone for about a year now, even though both my phones are getting a bit long in the tooth - they're still plenty capable and keep me from chasing other phones.

    rooting, custom ROMs - ok
    storage - ok
    dropbox - ok
    build quality and durability - ok, as I discovered after dropping it (no case) on concrete, seeing skid for a meter or two, screen down, on the pavement and only having the bottom left corner dented; rocking a case now
    camera - ok, took some great pics with it

    I sometimes wish I had gotten the One XL (Taiwanese version also) with LTE and Snapdragon CPU, just for the extra battery life, even though I wouldn't be able to use the LTE in Japan. Battery's the only thing really that I wish was better on this phone..

    Anyways all that to say, I'm glad I didn't get the AT&T version

    OTOH it's not my daily driver (only when I travel), so I might have found some extra annoyances had it been my daily driver for a year...
    05-07-2013 01:38 AM
  8. burrari's Avatar
    These two things don't apply to my experience with the AT&T One X. I suppose my Dropbox space will be expiring any day, though.
    Same here those 2 issues don't apply, just got me thinking about the Dropbox promo checked website it says it's good for 2 years. Also great phone changed from BB, now to see what comes out from here to December

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    05-07-2013 08:07 AM

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