1. appleslinky's Avatar
    Hey everyone. New here, so apologies if this may be in the wrong section.

    Anyway, for the past month or two, I'm not exactly sure, my HTC One X will not save contacts - I'll add them into my phone, save the number, and then it will delete them after a few minutes. It's quite frustrating, and I haven't found anyone with the same problem as me so far. My searching as yielded fruitless.

    My phone also will reset my ringtone after a while - not as quickly as deleting the contacts, but after a week or a few days I'll notice my ringtone changes back to some really bad default one. Quite annoying indeed.

    My phone is currently version 4.1.1 Jellybean and there are no updates that I can install, according to my phone.
    So any help would be appreciated here, guys and girls. Thanks in advance.
    05-23-2013 02:53 AM
  2. kbarakzai's Avatar
    I have the same exact issue with my htc one
    05-29-2013 07:27 PM
  3. jules206's Avatar
    My HTC One V does the same thing. It started when I synced my Facebook contacts. I've unsynced them, but, now every time I enter a contact, it looks like it is saving it, and disappears in a few minutes. I will take the Facebook app off, and try again, just not syncing, and see it that helps.
    06-06-2013 03:29 AM
  4. letter ten's Avatar
    I have the same exact issue with my htc one
    Switch the contact to a phone contact instaead of a Google contact

    - - - Updated - - -

    Switch contact to phone instaead of a Google contact
    10-26-2013 04:24 PM