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    question, im having issues or i dont know but when ever i take a photo generaly with the stock camera and edit it with what ever app it may be and upload share email etc... view on my computer...

    the phots look sOOOOO different then they do on my phone!!!

    on the phone they look bright, vibrant... GREAT

    and on the computer screen (yes its about 6 years old but everything else seems to look okay and viewing other photos, and photos others have uploaded taken from there smart phone are always fantastic looking)

    but mine... yeah NOT HAPPY on the phone there amazing!!! not... there NOT!

    is this just because the "screen is so what ever brilliant or fantastic bright (what ever the big line was for it) and if u say its because of my computer EXPLAIN why every one esles phots taken from other branded smart phones are GOOD!!

    now i must say it dose seem to be mainly indor photos im having this problem/issue with

    outdoors are good... *or i havent noticed/uploaded any ... that i can remember*

    i will try and show u how I see the photos

    both pics had to be edited as on my phone the "non edited" photo to show u looks okay

    here is a differnt image that is meant to also show u the differnce where the "phone" photo looks better then the photo on the computer
    same photos but in this one the right side wasnt edited only the left but like i said on my phone it looks okay

    on my computer screen this is the image that BEST represents the differnace between computer and phone image.

    now i know u will say screen brightness/resolution etc my computer is wack but really! why do other smart phone photos uploaded look BETTER then mine then!!!! if that was the case wouldnt they be kinda sucky also?!
    07-18-2013 10:11 AM

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