1. toffeecat37's Avatar
    Hi everyone, first ever post !
    got my brand new phone this morning, immediately started to charge it , have been charging it ever since, now over 12 hours and it is still only on 49%. I rang htc customer line and they said take it back to shop, thing is shop is in Auckand and I am in ChCH was an imported phone, will send it back if that is the right thing to do, just wondered is it worth me trying anything else first or does it just sound like a dud

    thanks in advance, feeling really disappointed have been wanting this phone for ages

    07-25-2013 05:06 AM
  2. hakimmmmm's Avatar
    Try factory reset it might help

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    07-25-2013 05:41 AM
  3. toffeecat37's Avatar
    Hi thanks for the reply ....perhaps I should do that factory reset, but now since I have started to 'trickle' charge through the pc it has gone up to 70 % so maybe it is a problem with the charger cord??? and the phone is maybe ok?
    07-25-2013 05:59 AM
  4. hakimmmmm's Avatar
    Maybe. Try with other chargers. Since you said you just got the phone n I assume you didn't install all apps. So its best factory reset before you fill it with games apps etc

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    07-25-2013 07:36 AM
  5. lewis20133's Avatar
    are you using the phone during this time? Unfortunately this phone takes a lot of power. If you are charging through the computer (esp if you are using it in any way) it will not be getting much charge at all. Actually, if you use it much even plugged into the wall it will charge much slower. My advice is that if you need it charged faster to not to use it while it is charging and to use a wall charger. You may even get an alert while plugged into your computer that the power given to it, is not enough for charging and that using it will still drain the battery while plugged in. I have had this happen a few times.
    09-09-2013 03:25 PM

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