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    Morning to all HTC/Android users...
    Recently had the opportunity to get my hands on HTC One X+ unlocked ATT phone for a killer price so I could not pass it up. Phone is factory settings the only app I've installed thus far are my matrix wallpaper and smsawake .... that said
    Facebook app... shows daily updates etc from whatever I'm following. But when I hit to go to my profile on top left it moves to "updating" status.
    Last post it shows is that when i was on Samsung Galaxy S3.
    Since I sold that phone to my co-worker. I still do have access to it if need be; but he has done a full factory re-set. Made the phone customized to his settings.
    If someone else has had this issue or if there is another forum post I would gladly like the link to that and the mods can just put a link to that post.
    Thanks, Rai.
    PS: Attached image.. sometimes it shows older posts.. sometimes its just stuck at this point suggesting "update"
    Attached Thumbnails ATT HTC One X+ Facebook update question/issue-screenshot_2013-09-17-13-30-14.png  
    09-17-2013 08:47 AM

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