1. Zorgaan's Avatar
    Yo guys
    inb4 some randoms telling me to use tape or some sh*t, my HOX is not even showing 'sim not detected' error, it just shows no service. There is no difference between card inside or outside. I did complete factory reset and used some tape. Recently had my battery replaced due to constant overheating, so my warranty is void(the service i send my phone to told me to pay anyway + pay for the broken screen which is not that much a problem and costs a lot). Im using my old phone for 2 months, i used my HOX as 1hour-battery-life- mp3 player, when did I try to insert sim card, it was showing signal for few seconds then crashing. I got irritated and had it replaced, all works fine but still overheats a bit easier than before ( my phone is 1,5 year old). And today when i turned on bootloader, clicked on factory reset, and came back after 5 minutes, my phone was stuck on HTC logo screen. Turning the screen off and on showed my standard locked screen with battery life, time and stuff - after 'swiping to unlock' it came back to its white logo state. Then i removed my sim card, it started to work. SIM is fine on my old Nokia. Im going to test new SIM tomorrow.

    I just wonder if any of you guys have some other ideas than tape or rooting. It's software problem IMO but also i wanted to ask if it can be caused by any unplugged stuff inside after battery replacement, tho i dont think they are THAT bad at it.
    Thanks in advance, soz for any grammar mistakes, im writing it a bit fast, you know.
    02-25-2014 02:29 PM
  2. numskull223's Avatar
    I had the same thing, I would take my phone out and check my text and I wouldn't have service. I had 3 small clear pcs of tape....I haven't had that happen anymore.

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    02-25-2014 04:03 PM
  3. wizzrah's Avatar
    When did this start happening?
    02-25-2014 06:17 PM
  4. ozzie550's Avatar
    Try removing the SIM and blowing out the slot with canned compressed air. Personally, I wouldn't use tape. If the tape curls at the edges, it may cause the SIM to get stuck in the slot.
    02-26-2014 08:25 AM
  5. Zorgaan's Avatar
    Well dunno when it started, not after any updates. I had my phone repaired and it sometimes sees the sim, but now i stil have about 3/4.per five service while my phone is not able to make any calls. Checkibg Access points brings up 'insert sim csrd' message. The top of my screen still shows good service...
    03-03-2014 05:43 PM

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