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    Ok, i have been using the htc one x plus (International version) for the past 2 years....this problem started appearing like a month ago....it goes like this: Everytime i try to place a call, the phone hangs and then i get a popup saying "android.com.phone is not working/responding"...and then it asks me to a error report...no matter what i do...the popup keeps appearing and then i am forced to restart the cell...after which the cell gets stuck in airplane mode...it says " airplane mode turning off" but it doesn't...
    After like 4-5 hours the cell works normally until i place a call...and the whole process repeats itself...
    I know this problem is quite prevalent among the htc one x users as I browsed the xda sites, all of which had a trial & error method...not a definite one..
    I am currently operating on stock rom...the cell is not even rooted....
    I went to the service center,they said its a hardware issue and would cost like 300 USD (I live in india--so its like Rs.15000-18000).
    The cost is way too much..
    Anybody got a solution for this....i would be so grateful...
    05-11-2015 05:42 AM

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