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    Here in this wiki link, it says, HTC ONE X has 26-32GB of storage space in total, but only 10-16GB is available to users, and on top of all that only 2GB is reserved for apps.

    There is no removable storage for HTC ONE X.

    In my HTC ONE X, under SETTINGS -> STORAGE, i have 2 sections: APP STORAGE and PHONE STORAGE.

    Under APP STORAGE, i have 6.76GB in total, Apps used up 1.43GB , Other used up 5.01GB and Available 321MB
    Under PHONE STORAGE, i have 25.24GB in total and Available 14.83GB

    1) Why only reserve 2GB for apps? Is this sufficient? Heaps of people are asking for storage help in various forums. It's clearly not sufficient.

    2) Why can't users install apps using all of the 10-16GB ??? Why must they fixed a dedicated 2GB just for apps???

    3) Whichever way you want to allocate it, why only leave 2GB for installing apps??? i have Whatsapp & i have WeChat and they keep chat histories and size gets larger, yes of course i bloody want to keep those chat histories

    4) If you're going to use up 5GB for "Other" which is used by the O/S, then allocate more apps space for users!! Is everyone working in HTC stupid???

    5) Not installing apps in internal storage will cause issues, e.g. app startup issues, and also some apps don't allow you to do so. The root cause is really because only 2GB was allocated. Users should be able to install apps freely.
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    05-14-2015 05:31 AM

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